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    • Defective power dome 21
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I called and was kept on the phone for 22 minutes with them trying to sell me everything under the sun!!! When I asked how much my order was she said 133 dollars a nd I said broken up and she said yes!! I checked my bank account today and all that money was taken out so I called the company and told them it was not taking out three payments and they said no that is the first payment and then I Owe another $200! So misleading do you think I want to pay $333 for a *** little crappy oven! They are so misleading they are shysters they should be... Read more

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I purchased 2 NuWave Ovens and 1 blender. I did not need the blender immediately, but did use it last week. It was brand new, but was outside of the warranty. It failed completely within 1 week with just blending smoothies. After calling, the Customer Service representative, by the name of Arturo, simply said that I could buy another motor. I asked for the phone number of their corporate office, but he refused to give it to me. He said he is not authorized to provide me with even a telephone number. I blame myself for trusting a... Read more

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Wow.....went to order new replacement dome for $25 and no way to verify order first and BAM order confirmed with $13 S&H charges. I call BS in that! For $13 S&H it darn well better be at my door when I wake up in 8 hours! Read more

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I called the sales number because NuWave does not have 24hr service and you can only call Monday thru Friday. The customer no service person asked me if I wanted to buy one get one free after I explained what was going wrong with my unit. I am so VERY SICK OF TALKING TO FOREIGNERS I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. I WOULD LIKE TO SPEAK TO AN AMERICAN IN AMERICA AND WOULD LIKE TO GET SOME RESPONSE THAT MAKES ME KNOW THAT YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM SAYING. MY UNIT STOPPED WORKING! WHY IN THE *** WOULD I WANT TO PURCHASE ANOTHER ONE (BUY ONE GET ONE FREE)... Read more

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I have owned several of these ovend. Starting with the jet stream oven to the nuwave. They have all preformed well. With the new wave. The dome is designed well. It cracked in 3 places from the heat I have tried contacting the company to get a replacement dome only to find out that every plCe I call or search the web. All are out of stock or out of business. I have my dome taped with duct tape to be able to use the oven. My oven is out of warranty now. I just want to purchase a new dome please if anyone knows where to look for a replacement... Read more

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i bought 2 nuwaves within a month of each other from target. both of the domes are cracking with in a month of use. the first one after over 2 hrs of numerous calls i got the heavy duty dome. the second one they giving me even bigger un around. said i dropped it but i did not. they know there is a problem with the clear dome. so they want me to pay for a new clear dome no thanks. they are junk. customer support is terrible not a good company at al. i like the product. the dome is the draw back beware.i feel like they don't care about their... Read more

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I ordered the nuwave oven and got the second nuwave oven deal to. About two weeks later it came in the mail. I had gotten 2 nuwave ovens, but not the free gifts. The pizza kit, party mixer, or the blender. After giving it a few days I call and asked about them. They wanted another like $40 for shipping and handling on top of the $60 I already paid for shipping and handling. Im not happy with their tactics. So I call them back and im returning them. I was also told that I would be only getting $109.85 back. at 39.95 x3 not sure how her math... Read more

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Would like dome replaced. It is melted and cracked Add comment

100% FULL

Nuwave Oven - Great idea - Crappy product
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I like the idea behind this oven, and have used one at least 4 times per week for 5 years. The problem is, I've had to buy three ovens. The first was mechanical (twist timer, not electronic). That head is actually still working. I replaced it because the see through dome was cracking after 4 years. The second one was the newer electronic unit. The head failed after 8 months. I put the old head on the new dome (which was already cracking) and got another 5 months out of it until it actually fell apart in three pieces one day. The head is still... Read more

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I order the Nu wave then they *** me buy saying get the bigger and better top and it will last longer? so then send me something and its not the new top, I get the new top after fighting for weeks and weeks and I get a smaller top and a grill that does not match the size of the unit. I called and over 3 weeks ago they said they would send me larger top with the proper grill and I got nothing but aggravation. this bait and switch is close to fraud, they tell you one thing and send something else and ten you have to work for hours to even talk... Read more

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