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  • Customers like
    • How oven cooks 19
    • Ease of cooking 17
    • Food is prepared quickly 12
  • Customers don't like
    • Defective power dome 21
    • Deception in pricing 14
    • Overcharge scam 10

I was given a Nu wave oven a little over 1 year and the dome cracked while cooking chicken What do I do ? Do you replace it or do I have to purchase a new dome which isn't fair at all?! Read more

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Don't get ripped off on shipping from this TV deal like I did! You can buy this same oven for under $100 at K-Mart. The TV add says BUY ONE GET ONE FREE + FREE ACC and two blenders-These thieves did not charge me $39.95 3 times-they charged my credit card 3 times in 2 weeks! $202 -$78 and $115 bucks THATS $395 all together. They make massive cash back by ripping you off on they shipping $275 for... Read more

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My power unit for the unwavering stopped working and I could not get anyone from the company to tell me how I could simply other just what I needed. All I was being offered is to buy anew units itch all the advertising that goes with it to buy two fr the. Price of one to get this plus this plus that with this and that as a free gift. But you have to pay for shipping and handling and more and... Read more

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Love it told my friend to order but they stiffed them charged double shipping and did not ship pans wanted more money we are pissed Add comment

'Balderdash'!!! I have a Nuwave Mini oven, with a cracked dome! When I called Nuwave, after finding replacements were "out of stock" on the website, I was informed that the company no longer produces or services the mini oven! The very nice customer service lady suggested that the dome might be available on Amazon or EBay -- it is not! There is an EBay seller offering a complete unit, brand new... Read more

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While this not officially a complaint other than that I'm having trouble with finding your contact information on this site, I am seriously considering a purchase of your Nuwave cooking element and your complete set of pots and pans, but upon researching the reviews, I find myself very concerned on many of topics; such as the longevity (only two years...really?), purchasing a separate but better... Read more

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I just ordered a oven on line and wanted to cancel it and they said that I couldn't . I wish they would have told me before the finished the order that the shipping was going to cost me that much because we could have got the same oven in Canada with no shipping cost. Wal-Mart sells the same oven for 117.00 hear what can I do now I'm paying 240.00 for getting it shipped reply to ... Read more

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What might be a better idea is to go to your state's attorney General's office. With all of this problems with your cooking dome, this also becomes an unsafe situation. I did with some other company, and it was simply amazing how they suddenly got nice, and they did what they said, and actually solved the problem, and those pesky shipping charges went away if the advertisement said that they did.... Read more

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two-plus year old product worked fine until cook time button stopped responding. every once in a while, it would work, but that's not something anyone can depend on. call to customer service revealed they COULD NOT WAIT to try and sell a new power unit, and were EMINENTLY CONCERNED about warranty status. further cross examination and the original response produced info that this seems to be... Read more

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I was charged as much as the oven cost just for shipping and "handling". This is theft and it appears they are getting away with it. Mr Belew, Alabama. SEPT 2015. Do NOT Buy anything NU WAVE!!!!!!!# Add comment

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