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2.8 Based on 222 reviews
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    • How oven cooks 19
    • Ease of cooking 17
    • Food is prepared quickly 12
  • Customers don't like
    • Defective power dome 21
    • Deception in pricing 14
    • Overcharge scam 10

My order was for 2 nu-wave ovens, party mixer (mixer, shredder), silicon baking set. I received 1 oven + 3 party mixers. I didn't open 2nd box (thinking if I return it, I don't have to re-package. The customer service people believe I have 2 ovens that I need to return before I can get credit. So how does one return 2 ovens, if one was shipped only 1? Gotcha! I never tried the blender, but the small shredder was put in the garbage as soon as... Read more

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Like others, my dome cracked early on, but I still used it. Now the power head stopped working. It starts, but then turns itself off after 2 seconds. For a while, multiple attempts (about 20 pushes on the start button) yielded results, but now I have given up. I can't afford a new one and am bitterly disappointed. While it worked, I used it all the time. Hadn't used my conventional oven at all. Does anyone know where I might get the Power Head... Read more

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Cooked well; good idea, but cheap! Went through 2 domes; finally threw in trash. It's too cheap, on average it lasted one year per some. And I had to deal with returns! DON'T BUY! Add comment

First of all the clear dome decided to crack with no knocks of other provocation after about 1 year, but was still useable. Just over 1 year later it just quit working. I paid A$326.45 for this unit and even took out extended warranty. I expected longer use from this unit. I was going to buy the induction plate, but certainly won't do so now! I shall look at better brands instead. No photos available, it was thrown in the rubbish bin! Read more

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Nuwave should be closed by the BetterBusinessBureau. They lie about the deals they advertise, and then make it difficult to stop the process of looking at prices and deciding against a deal. That alone should be enough for the BBB to shut down the business. It is to bad that there are so many crooks in this country, there is not enough government money in this country to stop this kind of slime from being in place to swindle citizens. I only... Read more

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I have the same problem - cracked dome, the second one. NuWave promptly replaced my dome. The problem is the replacement also cracked within six months. I sent an email to Hearthware about replacing the current dome with the newer, improved dome. It the problem(s) persist(s), perhaps the FTC can look into a recall of the domes and require refunds or replacement - at no cost to the consumer - with a less breakable, more sturdy dome. I must... Read more

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Calling the company is outrageous. On hold for hours! Where do I send what I bought to get a refund. It was a Xmas gift. They had bought theses items prior to Xmas so I need to return these items. It was over $145.00. I have bought many ovens in the past and always been satisfied, but as far as returning or talking to someone I'm not very happy with their customer relations department. I think they should send a return address slip in with the... Read more

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I have used the cooktop successfully for one year. It died. Company made no apologies. Just asked if I wanted to pay for a new one. Until it died it was wonderful and does everything as advertised. But it seems to be designed as a through away product with a one year life expectancy. I expected that for the cost, it would last longer than one year. Because the technology works, I am interested in purchasing a competitors product to see if it... Read more

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Just got one, saw warning about using oxygen on first page of booklet. Why would this information not be available BEFORE you buy the product. I am 24/7 on oxygen and I can't take cannula off to cook. Read more

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I was received a NuWave oven as a gift in 2008..... SEVEN years later it still works PERFECTLY and I love it!!! I usually use it once a week and always satisfied with the results of my meals! I have NO complaints whatsoever. Its an awesome product that I highly recommend to anyone! HAPPY CUSTOMER! I LOVE TO COOK... Steaks, chicken, and fish comes out perfect. If you take the time to read the instructions, and the cooking times for the... Read more

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