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  • Customers like
    • How oven cooks 19
    • Ease of cooking 17
    • Food is prepared quickly 12
  • Customers don't like
    • Defective power dome 21
    • Deception in pricing 14
    • Overcharge scam 10

watched commericial late one night a week ago. I told my husband about the great deal they offerred and That the Nuwave Ovens would be great Christmas gifts. My husband agreed so I searched Through dish network (my cable provider) and found when the infomercial was showing again. So I set my alarm and woke up at 3:25am to watch , get new phone number (bc I found out each showing for this product list a new #) and buy they're product and plus all the wonderful FREE STUFF.....Well it's true, NOTHING is for free, *** company's will find a way... Read more

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Ordered on line with an operator the Nuwave oven with the BOGO along with some accessories. What I got was their "PIC" machine of two different models. I called an they sent two glass fry pan lids and replacement PIC unit with a return label for the mistaken model. I called asking where the power dome was for the hot plates and they said that's not what I ordered, "You are confused". I reiterated that I want the Ovens I ordered with the $115.00 shipping charge! They replied they can substitute for Ovens if I return at my expense all Items... Read more

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Hi. I have purchased 2 ovens and 3 replacemet domes that have become quite costly within the past 4 years. Can they make a better dome or reduce the cost to replace it. I love my nuwave oven but can't continue to buy it. All domes have split down the sides. Thank you Add comment

How to return product They sent me too many cook tops And I need to ship one back . I'm Keeping one For I like the product. I saw a family member use this product and I went on line the next day and ordered too many, so I need to send one back and credit my account I guess I misunderstood what I was being asked I thought you were sending me a set of pans for $116 plus tax and the other cook was $81 plus ta Tax. What address . should i use ? I hope I have enough words to send it now. Read more

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Loud noise how to stop Add comment

Broken dome. I love it cook fast. Read more

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After about a year the dome cracked on My 1st nu wave oven and kohls was kind enough to change it for me .... 2nd lasted about same amount of time and same issue happened again. Because I love the way it cooks and used it alot I was considering purchasing another one but decided to 1st research complaints and found lots of people with the same dome does work for a while with a cracked dome but crack will continue to get bigger and eventually stops working. I will miss my nu wave oven and hope the company will come up with a... Read more

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I love my Nuwave! I purchased by calling in from the infomercial as well. You have to PAY ATTENTION to the small print folks. Nothing in this world is FREE! Those of you that complain about the s&p obviously DIDN'T pay attention. Also, when you call in to order, they disclose all pricing and once again, pay attention. Anytime you give your credit/debit card info, you'd be slight at hand if you didn't ask for pricing. Nuwave have been around for a very long time so evidently they're doing something right. You'll have defects in ANY product... Read more

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Wow, the same happened to me today. I started ordering thru TV (channel 9). Buy one , take one free for $39.95 for 3 payments. The TV offer also said free pizza rack, free juicer, free express shipping. That's very good. Right... Wrong.....The operator got my credit card info . She quoted me a price that Is way too much higher than $ 120.00 ($39.95 x 3). I then cancelled my order. 30 minutes later another lady called asking why I did not continue my order.after hearing my issues she asked if I just want one nuwave oven. I said yes,... Read more

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I'm wondering if those who recently purchased NuWave received the new shatterproof lid? Now they have shatter resistant domes, so Nu Wave is trying to fix the problem... My grandmother's dome (she has the old model) has cracked before as well and they were nice enough to send her a new one but gave the option to purchase the upgraded lid. She's had the replacement lid for a year now and it has been good. I even went out and bought the NuWave Plus for myself because I was so happy with hers. I would mention that I did purchase mine in the... Read more

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