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I have enjoyed cooking with my Nuwave for a year now. As of a few days ago the Wave has stopped it's motor. I call directly to Nuwave and was instructed that the problem was the cleaning process. So in the effort to make my Nuwave work again I followed her advise and cleaned the rack just out side of the coils. Well after an hour I plugged it in and it did not work. Called the company again to report the problem and they so nicely told me that... Read more

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Bought them in 2013 , was over charged (as stated from other reviews )...We liked they way they worked, after two years units started making a frying sound when plugged in to the outlet... sound like electricity jumping .... we keep them unplugged when not in use , and called the customer relation ... with no help they wanted me to buy another $100 bucks for a single unit ... REALLY.... stay away or your house may catch on fire >; Not worth... Read more

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Had my Nuwave for 2 years. It just died. Over priced and could never get mine to adjust temp from low to high. It was always on high.

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I have called nuwave several times. They advertise 3 payments of $39.95 but by the time you pay s&h on BOTH ovens the paid one and free one - yes you pay 2 shipping charges!!!!!! Then add extender rings and your first payment is $90. Then add the free mixers and pizza kit and you're free stuff is as much as $192!!!!! Plus two more payments!!!!!!

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Carolyn Oberndorf Today at 12:38am Very disappointed in their almost non existant customer service. If you look at the webpage, there is nowhere to 'contact us'. I made a mistake by ordering online. I was met with complete disinterest by cust. serv. they did NOT send 2: I bought buy one get one. The shipping was $29 and when I asked for a refund I was told it would be MINUS shippingl. it cost me $17 in postage to send it back. Therefore $29 plus... Read more

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So, I have had to buy a new doom three times. Never lasted more than three months. Always cracks in two places. Never dish washer, always hand cleaned. Then when you go to their web site to buy another doom. They flux the price. AND want to charge you 13 to 15 dollars to ship it to you. When you call them , they give you a run around on the issue of the Cracking Doom. And then try to get you to UPGRADE to the new NuWave oven. REALLY!!! Or how... Read more

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PEOPLE!!!! If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is! If you haven't seen the NuWave oven on the cover of Time magazine for being one of the greatest inventions to reduce energy use, cooking time, and creating a healthier life style and you read scathing reviews one after the other, then you can bet your bottom dollar that this is a product made in China that is just another piece of ***! How do I know? For curiosity sake I bought... Read more

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while cooking a steak, the dome on my machine cracked in 2 places. This was only the 5th time that the oven was used. Surely I am not the only one having this problem. This unit was basically new, and on its 5th use, when this happened. I think there was some kind of flaw in the dome on my machine. The steak was frozen when it was placed in the nu-wave oven. It was my understanding that this unit was designed to cook foods in a frozen state... Read more

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I use my new wave on a daily basis. As i was using my new wave on evening i watched my new wave crack up the side. The next time it racked through the middle. Tgen shsttered to a. Unch of pieces. Would not recommend this product. Money wasted. Read more

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I have bought at least 5 nuwave with several pots and pans. Paid there high price shipping. Money is not the issue here. I bought 3 with pots and pans around August of 2015 for Christmas gifts, one of the small skillets was used. We contacted nuwave and they said since it was over 90 days, they wouldn't do anything about it, it has been too long. I did email them and they did respond back saying they would replace it but money was not the... Read more

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