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Nuwave Oven
Main address: 1795 Butterfield Rd. 60048 Libertyville IL
1-888-689-2831, (847) 855-1913,
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  • Jul 09
  • Appliances and Electronics
  • Fountain, Colorado
  • Domes
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  • 232

DITTO.... I have been waiting three years for them to get the new domes in stock. How about we all get together and file a class action law suit against them? Read more

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  • Jul 07
  • Advertisements and Cons
  • San Diego, California
  • Refund Refusal
  • 258

It's been two weeks. I still didn't receive my oven. They refuse to give me a refund. The customer service stinks. Unfortunately I have to refuse the package and then wait and see if they will refund my money. In the meantime I will be contacting my credit card company to see if they can assist me in avoiding getting ripped off for a shipping and handling charge that is completely false. I... Read more

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  • Jul 04
  • Appliances and Electronics
  • Birmingham, Alabama
  • Broken Domes
  • 238

I got a New Wave Oven Pro and I gave my Old Nu Wave Oven Pro to a friend. Then my friend's dome broke then mind cracked a few months later. And then MY MY WAVE OVEN PRO (broke totally) down the middle!!!!!!! This was A dang shame therefore two different Nu Wave Oven Pros need to have replacement DOMES!!!!!!! And again I am posting twice because of me and my friend So here goes.... (2nd POST) I... Read more

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  • Jul 02
  • Appliances and Electronics
  • Berlin, Maryland
  • Dome Crack
  • 240

i called for another dome.they told me i use it to much,then they tried to sell me a $50.00 dome!then they told me my invoice date was wrong!they also said they didn't have anymore old domes in stock!!I called the next day and they sent me a dome !!!!! I think nuwave should be ashame. the product is good! But they have a defect in the product and the company policy!!!!!!They know they have a... Read more

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  • Jun 30
  • Appliances and Electronics
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Nuwave Domed Oven
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  • 222

I really like the nuwave oven but after haveing it for about 3 months the dome crack ,I have look online for the dome and they keep on saying that the dome it out of stock.Paying that much for the oven it shouldn't have the problem with that everyone is haveing with the dome .You can't even get one to replace it. When going onlinethey keep on saying the it is out of stock. Look like there... Read more

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Received 2 nu wave plus pots and pans. They charged me 89.85 for Shipping For 1 Box Weighing 34#. Horrible. I called the agent didn't say anything ... got no where. Never again. Add comment


  • Jun 25
  • Appliances and Electronics
  • Lehigh Acres, Florida
  • Extra Parts
  • 270

This unit is about a year old and had functioned as expected. Follow the timelines and usually they are correct. Add a few extra parts to cook, then you are on you own. It doesn't seem to like quantity. Anyhow, that is not the problem I started having. This units' cooking element started to trip off as soon as you set the time and push the start button. Those it had worked on the same circuit for... Read more

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I loved using the nuwave oven. It's a shame that my dome cracked. I read a similar review about the product. It said you can buy a new one online for $15. Too bad it costs $25 and they don't even have any in stock. Add comment

I bought another Dome too, and it cracked a few months after using it. I finally emailed the company, and was told that I would have to order another one and pay for it. I think that the company have changed the material because I have had my machine since 2008. The material did not stand up to the original Dome that came with my first order. I will not buy anything else from them again. They... Add comment

Two Nuwave purchased in Two years. Both cracked domes within there months. Can't afford domes. Add comment

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