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Nuwave Oven - Knock off dome for nu wave

Company Nuwave Oven
Location Las Vegas, Nevada
Category Appliances and Electronics
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I hope the chinese comes up with a knockoff dome and under cuts the price this *** of a company.supprised it hasnt happend yet.

and you wonder why people dont buy USA products. this is the reason. a dome made of glass would end all of the BS.the S+H also is a built in scam. if i had the means$$ i would find a injection company and product the dome myself.patent or not.

the fact is they want you to come running back to their company to buy ther dome.engineers sit one their buts all day and they cant think?LOL. 3067515

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Sep 07, 2013  from Orlando, Florida
There is a generic version of this oven. I bought it at Leows for $30.00 during Black Friday. It works great so far. No broken parts.
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Jun 19, 2013  from Reno, Ohio
But sold by a US company, and that's where the fraud begins.
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