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Nuwave Oven - Nu Wave Oven Pro plastic dome cracks from normal use

  • by   May 29, 2008
  • Review #: 122480
Company Nuwave Oven
Location Chicago, Illinois
Category Appliances and Electronics
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In Dec 2007 I purchased a Nu Wave Oven Pro.I use it once each day.

It is now May 29 and today I just received the second replacement dome because the first 2 domes developed large cracks, just from normal use. I complained to the seller who told me that the dome I received today was going to be heavier. Well it isnt heavier it is exactly the same as the last 2 domes, made of plastic!! I would never have purchased the oven if I knew that the dome is made of plastic.

It cannot endure high temperatures.

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Dec 19, 2013  from Jacksonville, Florida
Don't buy it!!! The dome will crack and melt due to regular use and just to replace the plastic dome.. it will cost $47 plus shipping and handling. :roll
Reply to Phyllis

Dec 18, 2013 
I have a nuwave, had it for the past 7 years and we also use it almost everyday. The dome got cracked - but it was still usable even cracked. recently it got a second crack and now is melting - problem is no one can supply me with a replacement dome. The company says they do not export to my country - funny how they exported the oven to South Africa how else did we get to buy it. If anyone can help me find someone that can supply me with a replacement I will be happy to buy it vaaldamprop@gmail.com
Reply to Juanita

Oct 03, 2013 
i really like the new wave but have had two domes second dome crack with in 2 months. called about dome got no where. the new wave company can take there dome and shove it up well you get the picture.
Reply to OZ

Jun 27, 2013  from Fort Worth, Texas
Reply to RED

Oct 21, 2012 
I got my new wave in January of 2011 i loved it i use it all the time but there are so many cracks in it i hold my breath every time i use it cause it might be my last this really sucks cause it is a good thing to have but with out a glass dome available i now must find something different
Reply to kandi

Oct 12, 2012 
my NuWave Oven Pro plastic dome has two cracks in it too. The company has to know about this problem.
Reply to ottie

Oct 04, 2012 
Having same problem,after year dome cracked up. Replaced it same thing happend after 7 months. I will try and find glass dome. Or look for another product. Sad because my family loves our nuwave oven.
Reply to Tara

Sep 26, 2012 
I like so many other users have the dome cracked in many places.
I called several times and always got the ' because of heavy volume of calls please leave a message'. Well, I Ieft several messages and got no return call. They shipping cost is a rippoff! I will look for another brand that has glass for a dome. If you stick with Nu wave be ready to shell out $30.00 or more every 12 - 18 months. That to me is not
cost effective.
Reply to jack timmerman

Sep 19, 2012 
I have bought two Nu Wave ovens , one for me and one for my daughter. I use mine a lot because I love it specially to make roasted chicken but the dome is broken and I've tried to send comments to the company and they never responded. I wish I could by a glass dome because I am afraid to keep wasting money in buying another plastic dome that will end up cracking just like the other two. I like the oven but I would not recomended it to anybody because of the dome problem , unless they can replace the dome for a glass one. Now I have practically new oven without that soon I would not be able to use because of the cracks in the dome are getting two big . :cry
Reply to Cira Santiago

Sep 17, 2012 
I`v had my oven around a year the first time I used it the plastic dome turned brown ,now it is cracked I would like Product you can depend on, I might try another brand :sigh
Reply to Mary G

Sep 17, 2012 
mi cupula esta rota como puedo comprar otra mi correo es ceciliapilarc@hotmail.com por favor me dice alguien gracias :? :? :(
Reply to cecilia cifuentes

Sep 07, 2012 
The company should take a very good look at their product. I have the same problem with my dome cracking. I have replace it 3 times and every time I call customer service they're saying that it could be the way I'm taking care of it. That's bulls...
Reply to Jimmy

Sep 06, 2012 
i would like to say i have injoyed my nu wave very much i got it in 2010 and i do have to say it does have a glass dome,now for the plastic dome owners you might require about changing from plastic to glass it might cost you a little but it will be worth it .thanks nu wave 8)
Reply to hanna nunn

Dec 30, 2012  from Morgantown, West Virginia
have had the same problem with plastic dome cracking , if there is a glass dome available where can it be purchased. don't have the money to shell out for another plastic dome that will crack too.
Reply to rbrinley j

Aug 25, 2012 
Have been trying to get ahold of nuwave co. hearthware at their e-mail and by phone. Never get through on phone leave message and never hear back. Tried to send them a e-mail
and it comew back no a valid address. How do youget in touch with them. Called three times to no avail.
Reply to nancy bramhall

Aug 25, 2012 
We are watching the commercial now and i am so glad i checked this site before we ordered!! :?
Reply to Dawn

Aug 12, 2012 
Thanks everyone for taking the time to write about there 'nu wave'. You helped me make up my mind, and not order one. I started to buy one a year ago,for $99.00 than saw a infomercial, the other day, where know there offering, buy one get one free, for the same $99.00! That made me raise my eyebrow, and start searching out customer comments, so glade I did!! Thank you again.
Reply to garyG.

Jul 26, 2012 
I'm VERY disappointed by the quality of Nuwave.Oven is in perfect working condition, but plastic dome is peace of junk,have cracked after 1 year of normal use. Now I have to buy the dome from the manufacturer over and over again and pay for shipping as much as dome cost itself. I'll never recommend Nuwave to my friends. Now I'm looking for similar oven with glass dome. I came back from Europe cjuple of months ago, I haven't seen these ovens with plastic.
Reply to Olga Thornton

Jul 25, 2012 
I was seriously thinking of buying a Nu Wave. Glad I found this site. Guess I'll stick w/the "old fashioned" way.
Reply to Jay Fleagle

Jul 23, 2012 
My dome is doing the same. Followed their directions of care, yet, the company needs to find a corrective material in making the dome, then replace defective ones at no charge! :cry
Reply to miss s

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