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Nuwave Oven - Nuwave rip off

Company Nuwave Oven
Product / Service Nuwave Oven
Location Raleigh, North Carolina
Category Appliances and Electronics
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Monetary Loss

I wanted to order this online fron their site.However, buyer beware they dont give you anything for free.

they charge you for all the extra items thru shipping examp twister cost 29.95 shipping other item 14.95 now you just paid 50.00 extra no including orig item or shipping for that.

I then called Nuwave to ask about it and the girl was like well ya and I said well I can buy everything in target for much less why are you trying to rip us off.Nuwave you need to change or stop selling online fast. 2e82b5b

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Dec 20, 2011 
my order was misrepresented at free freight...my bill was 130.00....SC rep said I could do nothing....I have already given the ovens 3 of them for gifts...would have stopped payment and send back..... YOUR REP SAID SHE WOULD CHARGE ME ANYWAY AND I COULD DO NOTHING....dO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE.... THEY ARE FOR REAL A RIP OFF...UNHAPPY CONSUMER FROM MISS...
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Jan 10, 2011 
Wife ordered online. Her free items cost her $200.00 in shipping and handling. We need to all call the BBB and the Consumer protection agency along with the FTC.
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Jan 09, 2011  from Vinton, Louisiana
Omg that happen to me also I did not find out until I got an email from the company telling me they were shipping it. I then called them the next day at 8am and I got a sales girl that kept saying well u clicked confirm and I said no I did not. This went on for five minuts until I got really mad cursed her out and told her to put a supervisor on. To say the least I told them I was going to get an attorny and I got my money back. I bought the nuwave at kohls. Bed bathand beyond carries it too.
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Jan 09, 2011 
I too wanted to buy direct from the NuWave (HearthHome) site, as it seemed to be the safest way to order. WRONG! They make you put in your credit card number FIRST, then there is NO RETURN, no way to cancel the order, no way to go back if you hit a wrong button, or change your mind. I will be contacting the BBB if I do not receive a complete order cancelation and refund.
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