Nuwave Oven - Replacement dome 15.00

Hello Customer,

I am sorry to hear your dome cracked.You may purchase a replacement dome for

only $15.00 plus s&h cost by visiting or contacting

customer service at the phone number below.

Thank you and have a great day!

If you have any further questions please contact customer service @

1-888-689-2831 by phone or via email M-F

8am-6pm(CST) just call the number below 15.00 plus shipping and handelingHello Customer,

I am sorry to hear your dome cracked.You may purchase a replacement dome for

only $15.00 plus s&h cost by visiting or contacting

customer service at the phone number below.

Thank you and have a great day!

If you have any further questions please contact customer service @

1-888-689-2831 by phone or via email M-F


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1 day ago #1012217

Love my nu-wave, and have had 2 of them. Exactly the same problem with both. They melt, bulge and crack. A shame. That dome is the oven's downfall. Should really have a lifetime warranty on those domes.

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Jun 23 #998482

My dome cracked as well need to purchase replacement, this is the only issue I have had love my nu wave

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Jun 16 #995779

I have replaced by dome 3 times time to file a law suit.

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May 27 #988505

This is terrible with nu-wave dooms(cover tops) the last three times I bought them they wrote into another price everytime I got passed 6 month's, it breaks. And after it breaks once, it breaks again, and again & again until its a puzzle piece SMH & SMFH...They should be giving free replacements simply because they lied to millions of people!!! We should take this to the public news!
There on TV every day saying how that doom never breaks even when hitting it with a hammer, "so they say"

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May 14 #984390

$38.95 for a dome is a crazy price for this dome. I worked in a mailroom for over 10 years and I know how much it cost to ship something like this out. Which basically means you are charging someone $20 to put it into a box. Also $25 for a simple plastic dome is also WAY overpriced. Extremely disappointed in the company by doing this. I love my oven and use it everyday.

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Apr 23 #976003

Same issue dome cracked and completely broke

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computer man

Apr 15 #972131 Four Oaks, North Carolina

Like everyone else has said I love the oven. It was a life saver as far as being able to cook meals in a short amount of time. But if you are going to sell something why do you make it for the cheapest products possible. If you are going to sell something at least make it from something that will last more than 2 months . and one website said get a replace dome for 15.00 so I click on it and it sends me to your webpage only to find out that it says 25.00 plus S&H for a total of 38.00 which was the price for one payment for a brand new one . If your going to sell a product make it out of something worth our money!! Money is very tight now days for some of us.

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Feb 23 #949888 Jacksonville, Florida

Shame on you NUWAVE! I loved your oven. I told all my friends about it's wonders! First dome cracked a few minutes out of warranty. Silly me ordered the BOGO when surprise surprise dome out of stock. Power dome never out of stock. How come you have plenty of domes for all the NEW ovens you sell??????? I gave one of the BOGOs to my baby sister, and I feel awful because I know what's coming. My 2nd dome cracked...I bought aluminum tape...good for a few days ...then disaster! Also, I HATE that you SHORTENED THE CORD on these newer models.

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Feb 03 #940562 Sacramento, California

Like everyone else who gets suckered into buying a nuwave oven...I like the oven, but the fact that the dome is of such poor quality...I NEVER would have made the initial purchase. What an unscrupolous company! I agree with everyone else! What good is our BBB if they can not stop such obvious greedy taking advantage of the public at large? I feel like I have been caught in a net. My downfall, I love the nuwave oven and the convience it offers. Woe is me!!!

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Jerry Domner

Jan 23 #935377 Casselberry, Florida

This is the third dome I have replaced in a year other than that it works fine but the dome is a piece of garbage.

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Dec 26, 2014 #921389 Washington, District Of Columbia

I had a pleasant experience with nuwave. My dome cracked ,but I have had it for years (one of the first models). I didn't my paying for the part. I like my nuwave and use it often

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El Norte Negra

Dec 12, 2014 #914815 Williston, North Dakota

After looking all around I finally called Nuwave customer service. They sold me a replacement dome
for 15.00 plus S&H. I am disappointed with the quality of the dome like everyone else but the
food cooked with the Nuwave is making me take it in stride.

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Apr 01 #966695 Clio, Michigan

Really, the dome I would have to but is 50$!!!! Where did you find one for 15$???

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Nov 26, 2014 #906284 Orlando, Florida

My dome has also cracked in a few places. I decided to throw the whole thing out and NEVER purchase an item from them again. I have no TRUST in this company...regardless if the product worked well. It's still bad quality if everyone is experiencing the same issue. Good Rittens....Nuwave!

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Nov 01, 2014 #894122 Florida, United States

Yes, but they want another 15.00 for shipping and that is ridiculous. Shipping should be half that.

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Oct 26, 2014 #890864

Has any body out there tried a power dome,If so is it worth the $ ? Also, how long have you had it now ?

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Oct 26, 2014 #890863

I have tried to call this # and it does not even work ! My dome cracked all to *** and it wasnt in use ! It was a gift , there for so much for the warranty. Its only 4 mo.s old !

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Sep 02, 2014 #864340 Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania

Here was my post from last year
Sep 30, 2013 Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania
TO : Nuwave Oven - replacement dome 15.00
Getting ready to order dome number 4. Even though this one lasted a lot longer, its still BS that the does are still crackin'
Its September and getting ready to order number 5, its been cracked for 2 months but I have to break down and get another one JUST AMAZING

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Mr. X

Aug 22, 2014 #860160

Simply not true. The link redirects to NuWave official website and they offer their super solid dome with a 3 year warranty for $49.99 plus $13.xx/00 shipping and handling!

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Oct 06, 2014 #880534

I agee. They want $49 for the super dome plus s&h and then the price goes to over $60. I call a major foul on this because you can buy a whole new Nuwave oven for $99. Oh and how convenient is it that the original dome is out of stock. I think they need to face a class action law suit from all of us pissed consumers that feel totally ripped off.

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