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2.8 Based on 222 reviews
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    • Defective power dome 21
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I called the sales number because NuWave does not have 24hr service and you can only call Monday thru Friday. The customer no service person asked me if I wanted to buy one get one free after I explained what was going wrong with my unit. I am so VERY SICK OF TALKING TO FOREIGNERS I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. I WOULD LIKE TO SPEAK TO AN AMERICAN IN AMERICA AND WOULD LIKE TO GET SOME RESPONSE THAT MAKES ME KNOW THAT YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM SAYING.... Read more

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I have owned several of these ovend. Starting with the jet stream oven to the nuwave. They have all preformed well. With the new wave. The dome is designed well. It cracked in 3 places from the heat I have tried contacting the company to get a replacement dome only to find out that every plCe I call or search the web. All are out of stock or out of business. I have my dome taped with duct tape to be able to use the oven. My oven is out of... Read more

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i bought 2 nuwaves within a month of each other from target. both of the domes are cracking with in a month of use. the first one after over 2 hrs of numerous calls i got the heavy duty dome. the second one they giving me even bigger un around. said i dropped it but i did not. they know there is a problem with the clear dome. so they want me to pay for a new clear dome no thanks. they are junk. customer support is terrible not a good company at... Read more

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I ordered the nuwave oven and got the second nuwave oven deal to. About two weeks later it came in the mail. I had gotten 2 nuwave ovens, but not the free gifts. The pizza kit, party mixer, or the blender. After giving it a few days I call and asked about them. They wanted another like $40 for shipping and handling on top of the $60 I already paid for shipping and handling. Im not happy with their tactics. So I call them back and im returning... Read more

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Would like dome replaced. It is melted and cracked Read more

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100% FULL

Nuwave Oven - Great idea - Crappy product
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I like the idea behind this oven, and have used one at least 4 times per week for 5 years. The problem is, I've had to buy three ovens. The first was mechanical (twist timer, not electronic). That head is actually still working. I replaced it because the see through dome was cracking after 4 years. The second one was the newer electronic unit. The head failed after 8 months. I put the old head on the new dome (which was already cracking) and got... Read more

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I order the Nu wave then they *** me buy saying get the bigger and better top and it will last longer? so then send me something and its not the new top, I get the new top after fighting for weeks and weeks and I get a smaller top and a grill that does not match the size of the unit. I called and over 3 weeks ago they said they would send me larger top with the proper grill and I got nothing but aggravation. this bait and switch is close to... Read more

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Was not impressed by the cooking dome cracking, and finding out I could buy almost a brand new one for the price to replace it! B.S. Read more

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I got a nuwave it works good i love the way it works the only complaint i have is the dome started to crack it started with one crack then it cracked all around then abig peace finaly broke off is it coverd in the warrinty.I sure miss using it Read more

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Nuwave Oven Oven Review from Franklin, Tennessee
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It burnt top of the dome and melted .i had to unplug it because it stayed hot ..and now they wont do anything about it!!! -585-1091..u should Stand behind ur producted..not try to make me pay fir a new one u can see it was a manfacture problem...bad defecked!! Read more

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