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  • Customers like
    • How oven cooks 19
    • Ease of cooking 17
    • Food is prepared quickly 12
  • Customers don't like
    • Defective power dome 21
    • Deception in pricing 14
    • Overcharge scam 10

My name is Yvette, I live in Florida. A few years ago I ordered the black model, and bought the extender ring, cover, and all the extra bells and whistles. I paid the S&H for a second appliance. My oven was defective, it browned food only on the front half of the appliance. I called customer service a week later about the defect. Customer service was rude and surly and refused to honor the guarantee. (They were more than pleased to sell it though) My blood pressure raises, so I am compelled to change the TV channel every time the infomercial... Read more

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I now understand why they send you two of them. I only used it 15 times and the power is now week Read more

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I recently purchased the nuwave oven which the ovens r ok but they lied about the extra's that come with it for FREE but then you have to pay the $29.95 shipping fee that was never expalined the operator i spoke with said Oh the other opertaor must been new but to get what was PROMISED it will cost you.My first nuwave came from Khol's and lasted for years hope these do in the 90 days it is a scam about there fees there hidden he told me i should of read the tv screen that went a mile a minute with the terms and conditions 4 Read more

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Your product is very good. I have used convection ovens for years. However, your freebies are scams. Oven = $29.95; Blender set = $29.95; Extra oven: $29.95; special cover $29.95, and your dome is defective. It just stopped working and the warranty was over so if I want a convection I have to buy a new one. You are discrediting your product and undermining the public's trust in you. Why don't you offer one good price & advertise that way? We know the real price for the extras you are offering. Other companies advertise too. Read more

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Nuwave Oven - Review about Nuwave Pro Plus 20602 Oven from Austin, Texas
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Toasted my apt in 3 min on REHEAT. GET THIS ON 60 minutes. Getting information from this firm is like asking a hit man for his godfather's phone number. Read more

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When my head stopped working they told me I would have to buy a new one because it wount fit the old ring. They lied it does fit. So I am 10 years down the road and will be ordering a third head. I love this item so much I bought a small one for my motor home. Its to small will be getting another big one. I urge everyone to buy one of these ovens they can go anywhere your have electricity even camping. Read more

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I ordered the NuWave oven and got the other 2 products Except they were missing half of the items and were unusable. Called customer service wanted to charge me for the missing things. What a butch of ***. Scam Artists. Shame on them Read more

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3 payments of 39.95 turned into 309.45 added extended ring and up graded the cooking dome. same thing at penny's is 119.00 for one. I like the product but commercial price is a rip off 80.00 for shipping and handling.oven is sold in many different department stores and is cheaper in all of them even the high-end stores.the food takes longer to cook than the recommended time but once you get used to the oven the food turns out good.the commercial is way too misleading. Read more

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The customer service really is lower than asphalt, they lie to you not only on the infomercial but over the phone. Don't buy from the infomercial, buy directly from a local store with a good reputation. I purchased one through the infomercial and did not get what they promised. After a few unsuccessful phone calls, and lies behind them I decided that I would let others know about the horrible experience I encountered. The truth will only come out of those liars when one or more is terminated from the company. You know, it's really a sorry... Read more

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I just re-ordered another Nu Wave oven. Been using it for over six years . My family loves it. After all these years it finally stopped working --we use it almost daily We love it and would highly recommend it!!!!! Read more

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