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Nuwave Oven - Shipping& Handling Charges

  • by   Dec 28, 2009
  • Review #: 165817
Company Nuwave Oven
Product / Service Nuwave Oven Pro
Location Newburyport, Massachusetts
Category Appliances and Electronics
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Was charged $94.35 to have oven shipped. This is almost the cost of the product. When purchased in november of 09 was never informed nor would i ever imagined a s&h charge so high. I would never have purched if fully informed. All potential buyers of ths product should make sure you are aware of s&h charge. For own good verify everything, this company appears to thrive on being deceptive. Also had very difficlt time getting through to someone. i waited on phone for 30 minutes before giving up. I left a message, no call back. I did on-line chat and once they found out what i was inquring about, no operator available. BUYER BEWARE.


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Sep 07, 2012 
I was charged $74.80 for shipping, outrageous. . . and no they did not tell me of the high shipping charges prior to purchase. I have been trying to call customer service for over a week now and cannot reach anyone. I want to return the product but by the time I pay retun shipping I could have bought $150.00 in groceries. I'm very disgusted !
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Sep 01, 2012 
I am so glad the lady taking our order said there wasn't the mini-oven free, etc. I was fortunate enough to look it up online, I cannot begin to thank these consumers enough for taking time to post these reviews!! Thanks ya'll! No Nuwave-- luckily no $$ lost!!
Reply to Myrtle

Sep 01, 2012 
when you order you think you are going to get the bonus items included they are not they want an extra 69.95 for shipping if you knew this up front you would never order anything from nuwave. i plan on reporting them to the attorney general i think the more complaints they get the better chance we have to stop this kind of advertising
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Aug 28, 2012 
This product is about the worst you can purchase. I brought it in July and it never worked like they stated and the free items are not free at all, there's a processing fee for each item. The customer service is awful, I called several times to speak to someone at that 1-888 number that's on the invoice and nothing. Talk about screwing over their customers, take this advice...just buy a rotisserie over and *** on Nuwave, they did it to several others. :roll :roll
Reply to Lisa B.

Jul 28, 2012 
need a new dome for the nuwave oven, it only cost under 10.00 but cost more for shipping and handling have to pay over $35.00 doesn't make no sense to pay more on something that cost less
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Apr 28, 2011 
My 76-y.o. mom ordered the product over the phone and the shipping charges are deceptive. THey never explained all of the extra charges and the company would not work with us at all. I am telling everyone not to order the product b/c they scam consumers.
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Jan 19, 2011 
Sorry to hear that. But I bought the entire set in May 2011 and I did not pay $94. My charges were less then $30.

I have nothing but high praises for their customer service. I have given this appliance as a gift and NO ONE has ever stopped using the appliance nor complained about it.
Reply to Charlene

Jul 16, 2010 
Thanks for the infor-I almost bought one myself-thanks again!
But confusing also my cousin has one and stated they loved theirs-too much contridiction on this oven-will play it save and not buy one.
Reply to perry johnson

Jul 15, 2010 
Reply to GMONEY

May 22, 2010 
Thank you all sooooo much for your time in giving your reviews for this product. I was just watching the infomercial and was ready to purchase the product, but wanted to check reviews online first. Thank you again and you can believe they will never get my money. Two thumbs up on the best roast chicken at Sam's Club. It is absolutely the best for $5.00.
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May 16, 2010 
When you do it on line the SH is dislayed also I have read other complaints about it not cooking correctly and others had made comment to show where the consumer was going wrong...also why would you purchase it on ebay you do not know what the previous owner has done with the product and you do not have the warranty :)
Reply to SJ

May 16, 2010 
I just purchased iton line my S&H was only 49.9 but it included the twister...total 214.82 that is not to high the more you buy the higher the S&H :)
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May 02, 2010 
I bought the Nuwave Oven at the Kitchen Collection store for $99.99 plus tax. It is the older version (not digital). Mine has worked great for the past 6 months, and I use mine at least twice a week. At the time I was looking to buy it, I checked out the s&h charges is I were to buy it from directly from the company, and found the charges to be astronomical. That's why I bought mine from the Kitchen Collection. Overall, I think the Nuwave oven is a good product to have.
Reply to Dee

Apr 07, 2010 
#1 - Just buy this stuff at Bed Bath and Beyond for no shipping

#2 - you can get the best roast chicken in the world from Sams Club for $5 and no clean up afterwards
Reply to Linda

Apr 07, 2010 
Wow, I looked on ebay and you can get what looks like a deal on them there BUT,,,,,,,,,Look at how many refurbished there are, Screw that, Never buy refurbished, They plug it it and let it run for a bit and then repack saying looks OK to me, maybe it don't do it all the time, I bought a refurb Garmin GPS, That doesn't do it all the time but when you least expect it,,,it shuts off, Never ever again on refurbished anything, And screw these ovens,
Reply to Barry SPFX 12/24/09

Apr 07, 2010 
Reply to Barry SPFX 12/24/09

Mar 20, 2010 
Thanks to all for posting the outrageous S&H charges which I suspected because their infommercial conveniently omits these charges. If I purchase one, it will be through a third party. Write your congress person about forcing advertisers to reveal all the S&H and other hidden charges CLEARLY.
Reply to Pete Moss

Mar 11, 2010 
Thanks to all of you that took the time to share your experience. I almost ordered one but decided to read the reviews first.
Reply to michael

Jan 19, 2010 
:eek I ordered from the website last night at 8pm and i was thinking the price was going to be at most 150 dollars with shipping, but at the end and they already charged me... 306 dollars... I would have never consented to that and there was no way to cancel it. I called the customer service line and was told that they could not cancel it because it was put in a 24 hours shipping even though on the website it said i could cancel within 24hrs. So now it cost me 305, but i called my bank and canceled the withdraw (hoping) and the customer service was rude even the supervisor. :( I know some people that was thinking of getting this but i will advise them of it now
Reply to starrynite

Jan 13, 2010 
I am so upset with all of the Reviews... I've been watching these B.S. commercials for over a year now, debating whether or not to order the "Nu Wave". It all sounds great, RIGHT? If it sounds to good to be true,,, it usually IS!!! Thanks to everyone for their input and saving me from the problems that this POS company could have caused me... :sigh
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