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    • Ease of cooking 19
    • How oven cooks 18
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  • Customers don't like
    • Defective power dome 20
    • Deception in pricing 14
    • Overcharge scam 10

We have thrown our first Nuwave out, the dome cracked during the second year, then split all the way overnight during the third year. The second machine we have been more than careful with knowing about the possible cracking, but again after barely over a year, #2 dome just went from perfect to cracked completely through top to bottom overnight while on the kitchen counter. Ours is used two - three times per week and is an important part of our... Read more

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Defective power dome 21 Deception in pricing 14 Overcharge scam 10 They are not honest at all. VERY VERY bad. I change 2 times my dome and payed for the shipping and still cracked in 1 week. Now they are asking me to pay an other $20 to send me a up grade dome because they don't have anymore the clear one. They are a scam don't buy it and don't trust them. They are a very nonprofessional company and they are BAD you can' t give and keep giving... Read more

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I've had my nuwave for 3-4 years. The dome on my nuwave cracked after the first couple of years and *** me just ordered another dome not asking why my dome had cracked. Of course they did not tell this was an ongoing problem and charged me to replace the dome PLUS postage and handling. NOW my grill broke and wonder if they will replace it free of charge of course. Stay tune for my results after I contact these people. If don't replace it you... Read more

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The clear dome developed cracks after about 14 months. Got a replacement and it happened again but this time a year later. Called customer service representative was told no know defects had been reported. I was not using the nuwave properly. Read more

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Nuwave Oven - Clear Dome cracks and continues to crack
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These things are junk. the clear dome and the extender dome cracks after several uses and makes them worthless. Hyped up piece of junk if you ask me. When they work they work great but once the dome is cracked it really makes the whole thing useless since the idea is a area enclosed to maintain the air swirl and heat around the food. I would never purchase another one and make sue it is buyer beware. Got one for my daughter and she is having the... Read more

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Dome keeps splitting. Second time on second oven. If you dont replace it i am throwing it. I like the way it cooks but am not willing to put up with splitting. Read more

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The warranty sucks. Food sticking. Read more

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Food sticks. Warranty sucks. Dont waste your money.

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I have been a Nu Wave Oven User for several Years, I got them for my own Family, I even have one at work that I use every day. My first one, I ended up using for a couple years and the motor started squeaking but the dome cracked. When I saw how much they wanted for a replacement I went ahead and bought 2 more. A couple of months back, I bought a high heat one that was smaller to replace the one that cracked in the office. Now my dome has... Read more

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When I first got my Nuwave I didn't use very much, but have always been careful with it. I began to use it more often and found that I love cooking with it and the results I get are fantastic. I had also began raving about it to friends and relatives until recently. Now I am encouraging them to stay away from this product. Just recently the dome cracked at the top in several places. There is even a horizontal crack in the middle of the dome. I... Read more

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