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2.8 Based on 248 reviews
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    • Defective power dome 21
    • Deception in pricing 14
    • Overcharge scam 10

The dome is a known hazard and fails to provide the needed safety to each and every purchaser of this product. Protection to the consumer is needed. Consumers are at risk and making repair that can jeopardize both their safety and health. This product was defective from the first infomercial and needs to be recalled. Contact the FTC and file a complaint with the real history of these dome failures. This is the only way that that this product... Read more

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Cheap material for the dome! Do not buy this oven! False advertisement! Total waste of money! Customer service was crappy too. I should have read reviews first before I bought this oven. The done literally melted after first use!

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I purchased a nuwave oven pro and my dome cracked in several places on it and a piece fell off the dome from where one one the places it cracked. I love the nuwave but i think that when you pay that much money to get one then the dome should last and not crack. Pretty ticked off about the dome cracking. Read more

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I bought, a new wave pro. I've used it twice now when I plug it in , it comes on and goes right back off, it sucks I've haven't even had it 4 months. Read more

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The danger of going online with my credit cards--I never really look at the statements anymore. These two companies are somehow connected--each stole $16.95 per month, charging on my Discover card on the same day, and both are listed as Maryland companies on my statements. They swindled me out of $780 in total before I asked my 75+ year old mom, who lives in another state and had an additional card on my account, what she was buying from these... Read more

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Prior to shipping the merchandise I spoke with a representative and was told the order would be canceled. The ovens were delivered despite the request and although the box is unopened, the items unused and I'm within the 90 day trial period, when I called to make arrangements to return the merchandise I was told I would not recover the shipping fees and would be required to pay return shipping. The purchase price was $259.65 of which $139.75... Read more

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my dome is cracked how can i get a replacement dome i have the pro model Read more

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I have had no problem with my NuWave other than the dome cracking, BUT that is to be expected after 10+ years. I ordered another Dome and got it in record time. We use it mostly, to cook the bacon every morning, with the grease going to the bottom instead of the bacon sitting in it while frying. Much healthier. I have not used it for cooking large pieces of meat, such as a chicken, roast, etc. I much prefer the NuWave to using the... Read more

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I was given my oven as a present from a friend and I was VERY happy with it! Until....The plastic dome started to crack in 3 places for NO reason!! There was no reason for the breakage except defective materials. I was extremely careful with the oven, always using the carrier provided when transporting it anywhere. Now when I check into it I see that I am not the only one with this problem and that it seems to have been happening for quite... Read more

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Defective dome.. You would think the NuWave people would have figured out how to correct this problem since this has been an issue since day one. The plastic dome blisters and actually melts some during each use and eventually cracks up the side. To replace it costs $50 plus s&h. There are many of the same complaints. Just wanted to add mine to theirs. This was a gift from my daughter-in-law so I can't provide any paperwork as she passed... Read more

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