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2.8 Based on 270 reviews
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  • Customers like
    • How oven cooks 19
    • Ease of cooking 19
    • Food is prepared quickly 13
  • Customers don't like
    • Defective power dome 21
    • Deception in pricing 14
    • Overcharge scam 10
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Both the original and replacement (that I paid to get) broke. Not realiable! Read more

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Dome cracked after a year of use Read more

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I purchased 2) Ovens now the top.part doesn't work on one. So what do i need to do. Read more

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Iv'e purchased 4 units and the dome cracked on all 4 Read more

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The dome ALWAYS CRACKS. What kind of material are they using in the dome? They should replace mine. And I have had two crack..... Im disappointed that they dont last just for almost daily home cooking... Read more

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I bought 4 all together and every dome cracked. I was embarrassed because they were gifts....domes should be replaced for free and made better to with stand the heat..very disappointed in the product.. Read more

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The dome part split from cooking with it, and when I called, they claimed it was $45.00 for it!! We will see what it costs as I moved to Florida, and it sure will come in handy with all the heat and humidity. Read more

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I called and was kept on the phone for 22 minutes with them trying to sell me everything under the sun!!! When I asked how much my order was she said 133 dollars a nd I said broken up and she said yes!! I checked my bank account today and all that money was taken out so I called the company and told them it was not taking out three payments and they said no that is the first payment and then I Owe another $200! So misleading do you think I want... Read more

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I purchased 2 NuWave Ovens and 1 blender. I did not need the blender immediately, but did use it last week. It was brand new, but was outside of the warranty. It failed completely within 1 week with just blending smoothies. After calling, the Customer Service representative, by the name of Arturo, simply said that I could buy another motor. I asked for the phone number of their corporate office, but he refused to give it to me. He said he... Read more

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Wow.....went to order new replacement dome for $25 and no way to verify order first and BAM order confirmed with $13 S&H charges. I call BS in that! For $13 S&H it darn well better be at my door when I wake up in 8 hours! Read more

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