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The nu wave oven is junk.. I couldn't agree more with the report that it doesn't cook in half the time of a regular oven .

I used it once and knew I'd been deceived.. Also the free gifts... Not true either. You pay for all of it .

I'd suggest the sharper image from Cosco... They are much better quality.

And not junky plastic . Also about half the price.

I learned to read all the consumer reports instead of believing what the retailer is trying to push on you. Also I think it is much cleaner and healthier to cook in a glass bowl instead of plastic which the Sharper Image cooker provides.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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I have a nuwave also and it stopped working and they haven't called me back yet whats up with them.


Nuwave and I have settled our differences as I am not allowed to remove my negative posts so I am posting this update.

I gave NUWAVE a second chance and I received my NUWAVE oven very quickly with no issues this time it was brand new and works like a charm.

NUWAVE Hearthware bent over backwards to accommodate me with fantastic customer service. My food cooks very quickly with very good results the food is moist & delicious.

I have to tweak the time for meat here & there for different thickness but this is a none issue. I am so happy I gave NUWAVE a second chance,

M Woodward


It's a $150 appliance. Yes, the "free" gifts are not free.

With this said, I'm totally happy with my Nuwav Pro. I've had no issues with it and everything comes out great. Its been a wonderful time saver for my wife and I with being able to cook our meats and fish from frozen. I can't attest to the longevity of the product because I've only had it for 3 months.

We use it at least 4 times per week.

I've cooked roasts, chicken, meatloaf, baked potatoes, spareribs, burgers, salmon and everything comes out great.

This may be considered "entry level" and if it doesn't last me more than a year, I'll look for something more durable. However if I get a couple of years out of it, I'd purchase another.


To be fair, I think this oven really does do what it says on the tin, however I do wish the head unit was either more durable or easier to clean in order to prevent shutdown. My first head died due to what I can only describe as fan slowdown and ultimate failure - it seemed to hit a temperature safety threshold and turned off without a beep - never to turn on again.

This was very close to my year mark and so I did get a replacement head but it lasted maybe six months.

A shame because I really do love the results I get - I use this device 1-2 times per day at least and I will never go back to a microwave oven again. I would gladly pay for a more durable version.


It's unfortunate these few people had a poor experince. 98% of everyone loves it, (I know I do).

This site makes it out to be a piece of garbage yet they're 10,000 as many positive reviews as negative. Just go on amazon, google, sears, kmart, etc, etc online ratings. Go on their Facebook page with 7,000 diehard fans.

It's a $100 frickin oven, some people on here cook ridiculous things for a year+ and come on here talking like its a piece of *** they invested thousands in.



While I appreciate Becky Sarwate loyally to her company she cannot be further from the TRUTH!. I have purchased two NuWave ovens.

The first one the dome cracked and then the Infrared mechanism stop working (after the warranty was up). The second one the dome cracked and I ordered another dome. Now, once again the infrared mechanism stopped working TODAY.

And again this is after the warranty is up. I am very pissed off!!!!


My girlfriend bought me a nuwave & 1 for herself along with extender ring & pizza kit.We've used it about 4-5 times and REALLY don't like it BUT to try and get even close to what you pay for it is a JOKE.shipping,restocking etc.I will try to sell this online & try to recoup some $$.BUYER BEWARE.Cooking in your oven is quicker and tastes better


Paulette I had to cancel out my credit card so they would not take any more payments on my card in the nick of time. What a pain to wait for a new card because of these rip off artists.

I was sent a New oven as NEW and it was a refurbished scratched up and smelled like cigarette smoke. I decided not to do business with this company total loss I thought about $41.50.

But I forgot to add their $9.95 S&H for an extender ring total out of pocket actually lost $51.45! BBB sent them my complaint for the third time as of today NUWAVE has not responded to mu BBB complaint!


Well BBB has sent a third notice to Hearthware Products in regards to the NUWAVE oven I filed a complaint about their unfair business practices. I disputed my refund and complained they owed me more money!

Not a surprise they are ignoring the BBB also. I received a Refurbished cigarette smelling scratched up unit as NEW! I ordered a new oven and this happens.

I decided I did not want to do business with this company and sent back the unit at my expense. They still took out $25.00 for a d@&% restocking fee =(


Hi Anonymous,

I had someone from Hearthware respond to my post on this website too. Too bad it did not help me get the refund I hoped for. They shipped out mechandise to me I never received and kept taking the payments from my credit card.

See my post titled:


Thanks for posting.


Ms Becky of Hearthware did you see the news clip about business's like yours can buy a A+ rating from the BBB to get the top rating for a price? How much did your company pay for that A+ rating mmmm it was a BBB scandal.I suggest you treat your customers better your company did not answer a BBB complaint I sent against you.

Now a second notice from the BBB was sent to you.

You lack in customer satisfaction & service if one does not agree with your return policies and just because you show so called good faith to resolve an issue it lets you jump through your return policy loopholes. In return you rip off money from honest customers with your iron clad policy that no customer is right under any circumstances.The BBB lists many complaints against your company I wonder how many slip through the cracks because some people do not write a complaint to the BBB.

Hearthware Becky


My name is Becky Sarwate and I am the Social Media Marketing manager at Hearthware, Inc., makers of the NuWave Oven. While there are always differing opinions about products and quality, I would just like to share that the NuWave enjoys over 90% customer satisfaction and has been rated with a A+ by the BBB. We make our dome from plastic because it does not shatter and cools much quicker than glass material. This is for durability and your safety.

Our free gifts require nothing more than payment for shipping, but in any case are a value add and certainly not mandatory.

Learn more about the NuWave yourself by visiting our website!

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