I called the Nuwave Corp. to report a defective dome that is cfracke all over the sides, and needs to be supported with strapping tape. I was told that it was not defective (an oven that can't withstand heat?)

I can purchase the same type of dome for$15 with a 1 year warranty, or pay 63.90 for a dome with a 5 year warranty. She made it clear there are no price adjustments or compensations for their products, which are "not defective".

We are happy with the performance of the oven, just not the poorly engineered production of inferior materials that are obviously not suited for heat.

Ruputable companies usually make some sort of compensation when they sell a product that performs poorly. NuWave finally makes the product better and jacks up the price, over 4 times!!! If we had known this, we may not have purchased it. But they will continue to do the same thing tho their new customers with no resposibility for their ac tions. Shame on you!

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I to have the same problem as anonymous,this is the third Nuwave I have purchased. The first one the dome cracked the second one the turbo heater stopped working and the third one the dome cracked.

I am ordering a new dome. I sat down to order the new PIC but I think after reading other complaints i'm going to wait awhile before I think about ordering the PIC.


It's not OK being told that we customers are not adopting proper care with the product when clearly through customer requests the dome has been upgraded. Doesn't the number of complaints suggest that there IS something wrong with the plastic/perspex dome for it to 'crack' as it does with the appropriate proper care that no doubt every customer is doing. I live in the UK and there is not one supplier of replacement domes, so where do I stand in getting this unit back in to working order or do I have to accept that I wasted my money?


I bought my oven from a yard sail, and love it so far, infact, I was getting ready to order the cooktop, but after reading this, I think I will wait, I am reluctunt to order a product from a company that does not stand behind their product and replace items that falls apart. I do not mind paying higher prices but only from the companys that stand behind thier products. When I buy from Macy's they stand behind all product they sell there, so I will wait untill I see this product there.

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