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I purchased the NuWave for less than a year and the dome cracked in 4 different places already. The product should have two years of warranty but I'm not sure if they will even honor it. I can't even find on the internet where to buy the Nuwave parts. All I find on my searches are new Nuwave oven. It was too expensive not to use the product. So now I'm stuck with NuWave without a dome.

I like the idea of cooking with out using more oil on my food that's the reason I purchased the Nuwave it's just too bad the dome doesn't last.

Thank you from Fort Worth, Texas

Review about: Nuwave Oven Oven.

Monetary Loss: $139.

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Now I see you can buy one and get another free, ha, I wonder why.


Some Nuwave parts are on ebay and I found some on the Nuwave site, I didn't buy any yet as I don't know if it's worth trying again, it's one part failing after another.

Rushville, Indiana, United States #591371

We love the oven, but the original dome cracked within a few months. We paid to get another one and it cracked too...both within 1 year after purchase. The company wants about $49 plus shipping for a dome that they guarentee for 3 years. There should be a class action suit.


Bruce Mcc
Hinesville, Georgia, United States #593498

Customer Service rep didn't help...see below...

Had a Nuwave for 5 or 6 years. Was so satisfied bought one for each of the 4 kids families. Decided it was time to upgrade so bought another one recently.

The dome cracked after only a couple months use. Now have to order a replacement. Didn’t have any problems with the older model. Are others having problems with domes cracking?

Thanks ever so much

Yes, it is really common for the domes to crack. It can be because of the heat and the usage of the dome, also it can be because of how the dome is taking care of. The dome has to be washed every time after each use, it has to get to room temp to wash. Also by putting the dome on the dome holder for a long period of time it may cause the cracking because of the stress that the power head can put in the dome.

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