Ordered the NEWWAVE OVEN with all the FREEBEES as shown on TV on 12/02/2010. I also printed the avertisement

the same day from their web page.

When we received the package the Party Mixer was missing. I sent an email and their response was, to get the party mixer we would have to pay a shipping charge of some $15.00 plus. I received this email today. The phone call with the customer rep. was a waste of my time. After the conversation I printed their latest web page ad and noticed a change. A shipping charge message was printed in order to receive the FREE Party Mixer and Twister Blender.

This company changes their policies in mid stream and prefers disgruntled customers to honest business practices with positive mouth to mouth advertisement and negative comments on the internet.

I will fax the two pages to NEWWAVE to prove my point. This might even be illegal.

PS. NEWWAVE might consider reducing their staff of the customer care dept. or retrain them. As with any company the CEO is the responsible person. I am doing you a favor by spending my time at age 77 to expose the lack of good PR. at NEWWAVE.

Review about: Nuwave Oven Blender.

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I also bought from the store. TV sales are always scams. Can't trust them at all.


many stores carry the nuwave sure you don't get all the other stuff but i personally have a Cuisinart Mixer and the attachments for blending,etc. I wanted the nuwave only for trailer.

so buy from a store not the site. cheaper too cuz no shipping and it is cheaper really.


its NUwave

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