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The infomercial says, buy one get everything FREE....."just pay additional shipping and processing".....if you buy one and get the "FREE" NuWave and the "FREE" cooking accessories just the shipping and processing costs you $210.00......you call that FREE.....the total for everything is $303.80. With that you can buy a great convection unit that isn't plastic.

BUYER BEWARE!! For real joke try getting in touch with customer service!

When I tried to return the two units no one would return my call or contact me. It costs $29.95 to ship the first unit and $39.95 for the second....funny thing is they both came in the same box.....read or watch the ad very closely...they are not consumer friendly people.

Review about: Nuwave Oven Oven.

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Call like your ordering something. That is the only way to get a human being.

They will give you a run around and tell you to keep trying to call. If it wasn't for the safety feature, the timer,mine would be going back too.

So far they work. I am still keeping the BBB and Federal Trade Commission phone numbers handy just in case.

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