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I just went to the Nuwave Oven site and was so excited to order. While the order process was going through I tried to use the back button to change something I did not want.

BAD MOVE. page expired and I was half way through the order! So, then I went back into the site, thinking well the order was not completed, so it shouldnt be a problem. (Yes *** me already gave the credit card number!!!) So I proceeded to start the order process again, as I couldnt find a "cart" to make any changes or complete my order.

I went through this process and finally (after several added product attempts that were supposedly "free" but pay s & h) the shipping charges at the end were not stated. VERY DECEITFUL! Then I checked my email to find that the first attempt to order actually went through!! So now I have 2 ovens on order!!!!

AND they have close to $500 of my money!! I am so upset I am sick to my stomach. The infomercial says "3 payments of 39$ " Yeah. They dont tell you about the extra items that you have to close to 40$ for "shipping and handling" This was definitely an eye opener for me to stick to the websites I trust!

Amazon has never done me wrong..I'll stick with them. I tried to call the number to cancel. The woman said she only takes orders not cancelling them, and of course the company is not open on Saturday. I am so upset, but only have myself to blame!

I know this! So, dont order from the site....try to find it on Amazon....

:) Hope someone learns from me! :)

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98.99 for shipping and handling!!!! I tried to cancel within 24 hours - not able to.

I have to eat the cost of 98.99 and pay for return shipping and handling. This is criminal!

98 dollars for shipping from Illinois to California!!!! COME ON!!!!


I went to the web page as well. I agree they may not lie but they came very close to it.

Any place that wants your cc info before they give you a final price is sneaky and out to scam you . I didnt give them any info and went to other pages to find the prices. i am glad i did . It's outragous what they charge you.

I went to TJMaxx two days later and they had the same one for $88.00. No shipping and extra handeling fees.


Sorry to hear that you got a bad deal, but as someone else mentioned, hitting the back button does not constitute a cancellation. I purchased one today and was reading the comments on this blog at the same time...

I would agree that their site is not at all user friendly, but there is nothing "hidden" about what they are trying to sell you or offer for "free" (which really means it's worth less than the cost of shipping and handling.) Though the site was a little annoying: each time I clicked "no", they would offer an additional discount (still didn't get anything extra), it is not deceitful at all, just confusing if anything. I hope that you never have to go through the process of purchasing a house (I mean that in a good way), you would probably have a heart attack when you realize each little thing they charged you without your knowledge, NuWave is an amateur compared to the mortgage companies...!


I got a screaming deal at Kohl's for this oven. It included the pizza kit and the extender ring and I got it on sale for $109 plus tax.

I didn't need the carrying case or any of the other "free" things and saved a huge amount on shipping costs. There are deals out there.

You just need to find them. I've had mine for 5 months and use it almost every day.


Love the NuWave oven. Just went to order a 2nd one.

While "building" an order, all of a sudden it was confirmed. I never confirmed the order.

Bad, bad taste.


E? Not necessary to be rude here.

There were no back buttons where some sites have "arrow" or some time of way to go back. Defective consumer?...that's rude.


Why are you on the internet? On what planet do you hit the back button on your browser during the middle of an online purchase check out? Any computer/internet novice will tell you that's foolish and doesn't work.

I'm not a fan of this product, but yours is a case of defective consumer.


The same thing happened to me also!!... but I called the company, and they had put both orders on hold bc they wanted to check first to see if it was an error.

One of the orders was immediately cancelled, and the correct order was processed. Sorry about your luck- sounds like I was lucky the money didnt come out right away for me!


the same happened to me

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