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Hearthware has redesigned a new "Power Dome" that they say will withstand the temperature of the oven (why they would have designed a dome that doesn't withstand the heat, nobody seems to know). They are telling buyers of their nu-wave ovens that they have to invest another $49.95+$15.95 S&H - about half the cost of the original nu-wave oven itself - to replace the defective domes, rather than covering it under recall.

I have submitted a claim through BBB and recommend all those with same problem to do so as well. I have replaced the dome - at my expense - multiple times already.

It's time for Hearthware to step up and remediate this problem. They are likely to claim it is "out of warranty" even though you have had to replace the domes multiple times already.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nuwave Oven Oven.

Monetary Loss: $130.

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Vero Beach, Florida, United States #1216505

This needs to be recalled. File a complaint with the FTC.



I bought my nuwave oven about 2 years ago and the original, clear dome worked just fine until it cracked by using the dome rest. I purchased the new amber dome with the warranty and it cracked within 30 days.

I sent in pictures of it, as requested by the company, and was sent a new one. That one also lasted about 30 days. I am on my third dome which I have had for about 3 mos now. I can see small cracks forming on this one also.

I don't know how to handle my dome any better than I have. I handle the dome very carefully, I do not use the dome rest, I let it cool completely before I hand wash it, and I do not use it everyday. As long as the dome is under warranty, I will keep sending it back. They are too expensive to keep replacing over and over and over.

I totally love the oven itself. It cooks really great. I hardly use my oven anymore and it really keeps the heat down in the summer. I just wish the domes lasted longer.

Really...I had better luck with the cheaper, clear dome as opposed to the new, warranted, amber dome. All of the original parts are working fine.

Humble, Texas, United States #1081626

I have bought 3 new nuwave ovens. All 3 domes have cracked.

I have not put in dishwasher or hot water. Hand wash. I am not buying another one. I bought all of my children one also.

Hope they do not crack. The part should be cheaper after all we did buy 1 or more ovens. I love my oven Use it everyday.

Wish I had help with this problem. December 2015

Bardstown, Kentucky, United States #1023507

my dome has 4 cracks in it, never been in dish washer.


Thank you for making us not feel alone.. I filed a complaint as well as fraudulent grievance against the Company itself (Nuwave.com). Keep in mind it took 5-7yrs For Car Companies to even acknowledge wrong doing millions of consumers still fighting to receive back money and damages for defaulted brakes, airbags deploying,(resulting in Deaths) steering wheels locking,etc.


I h a 've the exact same problem! Not happy about having to invest in buying a new dome. Still using it with the 2 large cracks.

Madison, Wisconsin, United States #997801

Too bad..The nu wave works great, but..I will not invest in another dome either.


I had my Nuwave oven since DEC 2013. My oven dome cracked in Feb 2015.

I had a Flavorwave Oven which came out before Nuwave. I purchased in 2008 . It lasted until I got the Nuwave. The cooking element burnt out.

The dome was made of glass.

If the replacement dome cost half of the purchase price, you can buy the TV advertised buy one get one. Pay additional shipping.


We have the same problem and they just laugh at you

I would not recommend it to anyone.But I will tell them not to buy it

Aubrey, Texas, United States #785390

I have been wanting one of these oven for months. I was checking to see where the best value was and came across your reviews.

You saved me alot of time, money and much aggrevation. I appreciate the time you have all taken to warn other interested consumers of this product.

Does anyone have feedback on the hotplate NuWave offer? Thanks!

to gracie Wichita, Kansas, United States #905470

yes same deal cracked domes piece of junk not what its cracked out to be

Walnut Creek, California, United States #745171

The dome is a piece of cheap plastic ***.....this wasv the plan to rip off pretty much everyone who bought this nu wave oven...think about it ......can any one smell *** job...

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #666571

Yes, the company is a ripoff, the product is defective. Can you tell me how to submit a claim or complaint to BBB to report such fraud.

to *** #1028035

I purchased a ne wave oven about a year and a half ago and I'm like all the rest of the complaints on this page. I have never been so unhappy with a product in all my 73 years.

After all the comments I do believe that the company knew this was going to happen. I would think that a suit would be in order.

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