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My wife bought one of these and it arrived today. She placed it on our kitchen counter and plugged it in, as normal.

I was in the living room and noticed a faint high-pitched squeal. I thought it was coming from the television, but no. When I went into the kitchen, I asked my wife if she could hear the squeal. No, she didn't.

I unplugged the oven and sure enough, the squeal stopped. Plugged it back in, squeal is back. It is quite annoying to me, but she doesn't hear it. She wants to keep it, but I'm not thrilled about the noise.

It's very faint, but constant when the unit is plugged in. So...for now, we'll leave it unplugged until it's time to use it.

Reason of review: faint high-pitched squeal.

Preferred solution: how to fix squealing noise.

Nuwave Oven Cons: Faint high-pitched squeal.

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Same thing is happening to us, I think we’ll return it. Both of us hear it and our 2 dogs probably want it gone as well.