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Nuwave oven claims to be an infared oven. However, when you look at the so called power head from the bottom up, you will see one heating element with a fan.

There is no infrared element anywhere. I was a professor at University of Wisconsin specializing in heat transfer and I took and taught advanced convection and raditation heat transfer. Granted any heating element will emit infrared (a form of thermal radiation), but no product should claim it is an infrared oven unless an infrared heater is presented. According to their mis-representation, then any oven can be claimed as infrared oven.


You can get a convection oven in less than $100 and you can control the temperature setting too. Nuwave Pro can't even do that.....what a joke.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nuwave Oven Oven.

Monetary Loss: $178.

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I recently purchased this oven for my cottage, thinking it had an infrared component. Since I already have a similar oven where the infrared light turns off/on intermittently I was expecting this to happen with the Nuwave - nope (thought it was broken actually).

Therefore this is nothing but a convection oven as you stated, even if the heating elements are supposed to emit some kind of 'infrared' light - this definitely is false advertising. Very disappointed.

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@ Ham Radio Guy,

The infraRED has a longer wavelenth than the visible spectrum which means it has NO color (7th grade science). Additionally, there is infrared coming out of any surface as long as the surface temperature is above 0 K.

Therefore, any heater will have infrared. The point has been IR heater is a well defined term that is missed represented in this product. It is simply a REGULAR ELETRICAL HEATER with NO IR emitting medium.

Claiming this product has infrared heater is same as calling a TOYOTA has a rocket booster engine.......

BTW, the commercial claims this can replace your steamer......but it can't even boil water after 30 min. It is verified and stated by their representatives.


You will note that its name is infraRED !

Just what color do you think infraRED would be ?

Take the power head to your local fire station and plug it in and have the firemen take a photo of the heating element with their heat detecting camera then ask them if there is any heat there.

This is 7th grade science

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@ Willis, any object with elevated temperature will emit thermal radiation (IR). Even your dumb *** will emit IR.

If you have access to a IR camera, see that for yourself. The point was just because there is a heating element, does not mean you can call it an IR oven.

@jjibbs41, I will be doing a comparitive test with an convection oven using frozen fish fillet as cooking subject and test the difference. All the heating element are coated in dark color, even in electrical convection oven.

Does not give it the right to call it IR oven. The IR heating elements always involve an intermidiate substance that need to be heated up first, and that substance (ceramic, quartz...etc) then emit IR to the heat load.


I know what OP is talking about. Heat is infrared period so all ovens are technically infrared ovens and IR coating?

YOU'RE JOKING, RIGHT? Noob! Anyway, what the OP is looking for is an oven that produces infrared waves the same way a microwave does and I thought that was what this product was too so thank you for clarifying because I had the idea not too long ago when I found out what microwaves do to water so I figured hmm, what if you could make infrared waves the same way? I'm not sure if it's possible but hopefully soon, I will have the time to figure it out.

I don't care if someone beats me to it. I just want one, lol!

I've had one for years, and it does indeed have IR coating on the cooking rods I am able to cook meat, poultry, and fish from the frozen state. You can't do that in a conventional convection oven.

You would have to defrost it first.

Perhaps you could describe what you think infrared elements look like. :?
to jjibbs41 #1515556

Just got one. Is it worth it?

I mean healthy and consume less energy? Coz that was what the advert says...why I bought it too.


willis you are dumb

you say it is not an infared oven, then you say the element it has DOES give off infared?? that's like saying a retarded kid isn't a retard, yet you are. :(

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