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I set my time for 15 minutes it b ut fan stops after 4- 5 minutes, after

3 -4 minutes it will start and run for about 30 seconds then cut off again. What can I do?

Food is half cooked when un it stops. I love it when it works. What more can I say...Please fix or replace unit. Help, Help,help, help, This the 3rd unit purchase .

Please tell me what I nee to do. What elsecan I say...the fan stops blowing.

The fan stops blowing. What else can I say...the fan stops blowing& the is no heat.

I am running out of words...I just need too know why my oven stop heating and fan will not blow.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nuwave Oven Air Fryer.

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I have a Nuwave hairdryer, have only used it 5 or 6 times had it less than a year.i noticed after the second or third time of use that when the fan kicked on it made a noise , a clanging type noise but ended up working at the time. I have tried to use it tonight & 1once again I put 2 chicken breast in it & it started to work again the fan with its clanging finished it's cycle but the bigger of the breast needed a bit more time so I tried to restart it, the controls work, I hear the machine click as to start the fan but now, nothing, no clanging, no fan at all.

The timer works, controls seem to work but nothing ., no fan! What bothers me is I haven't had it a year, only used it 4 or 5 times & was referring someone to get 1 but I'm not so sure.

What do I do now? Help please


Dear Nuwave Customer, Thank you for your review. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

We are always more than willing to lend a listening ear to any experiences, as well as address and assist with any concern a customer has in regards to their product.

If you need any assistance or have any further questions or concerns please contact Arturo H directly at 224-206-3045 or email him at Sincerely, Jessica C Customer Service Representative


Contact NuWave direct. We don't fix appliances on this site, even tho we did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last month.