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Bought an nuwave air fryer and after a few uses it does not work consistenly. The basket seats but the sensor to tell the basket is seated does not work properly.

It says "OPEN" even when the basket is properly seated. This prevents it from coming on and operating correctly. It will occasionally turn on and run a minute or two, but then the "OPEN" light comes on and it quits. It started doing this or the 4th or 5th time we used it.

I would recommend no ever buy a,Nuwae air fryer. Small appliances should work more than a few times before they start having problems!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Nuwave Oven Air Fryer.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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They obviously never fixed this problem from almost 2 years ago cause I just bought one Saturday, used it Sunday and the open light came on yesterday, Monday, and will not go off!


same here except I used mine 1 time.


Mine does this too


Same problem and I don’t recommend it. I should not have to pay to have the peace of crap serviced


I had the same problem with mine...it cost too much to only be able to use a few times! The open message comes on and it will not function....


The sensor is on the front left if push up on basket sensor will go off. Had to wedge a tooth pic in there everytime


Thanks, I'll give this a try.


Our just started doing this. Great


Really sad when a brand new air fryer only works ten times before it stops working.


Mine is doing the same thing


I had this issue for 20 mins. Eventually I slammed it in hard enough for the light to go off.

Very poorly made. Good luck!


Having the same issue and it seems to be with the "button" on the upper left side. The spring you have to press in seems a little strong so when you slide in the basket it pushes back just hard enough to lodge the basket back and turn off the fryer


To everyone posting with the problem, make sure the basket is in correctl there is a front and back if it is in there backwards it will show as OPEN and will not work. Sounds simple but it happens


Make sure your basket with the handles is in the correct way there is a front and a back. Make sure hole is on the correct side


There is only ONE way to place the basket in the machine.


Mine is the same way


I used the Nuwave air fryer 3 times and now the open light is on and it will not work. It is closed properly.

@Beverly Parker

Same issue, so irritating.

@Beverly Parker

**** It worked for me, simple fix, thank you Parker for your comment **** I am so frustrated when it gave this open message, tried figuring out, but had no luck. After reading your note, I put the container (not the stand) the right direction i.e., there is a small hole in the center of one wall.

I was pointing that to the unit with hole. Surprisingly, the open light is now gone. I just tried pointing in different way to make sure, now the light came. So, my issue was when we removed the container/tray for cleaning, we put it in wrong way.

So, after putting it the right way, it started working. I am no way related to NuWave, just another frustrated consumer for my own mistake.


Went to use mine the second time in the open light was on so I had a tape over the safety switch then close it and open light went off