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They say you get NuWave oven, pizza kit , party mixer , & blender free,but shipping is $120.00 for free items plus $40.00 to ship original oven. $160.00 plus $120.00 original price / 3 payments of $39.95 / is $280.00 for 5 items.It does not cost that much to ship those items.WHAT A RIP OFF.Why dont you say on TV how much shipping is and quit wasting peoples time,watching it!!!!!Why do you lie , and wast time on TV , telling people items are free.And act like its only $120.00 in payments.

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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #744722


Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #740415

The postage and handling is outrageous!$120.00 to ship the items ordered, some supposedly is just terrible to get people interested and make you give them all your information online including credit card info and THEN they tell you how much everything is.

I really wanted this product, but there is no way I can afford the. "Shipping and handling" I will have to wait til it comes to the stores. I live about 30 minutes from the Mall Of America and they have a store there exclusively for AS SEEN ON TV products.

I guess it is time for a trip to the Mall.Very, very disappointed in your company.

to Anonymous Westfield, Wisconsin, United States #741401

my nuwave just arrived and I also got ripped off! Same experience as others with customer service who blames me for not ordering correctly.They want me to forfeit shipping I already paid to return it. Wish I'd seen this prior to ordering.

Houston, Texas, United States #740220

This is why I did not place my order. Before I could fully understand what I was purchasing, the sales person was quoting me a price of $265.00..

I have to wonder "what a bait and switch story".

I like the concept but don't like desalting with deceivers!

Brantford, Ontario, Canada #738562

I am finding myself in this same situation…the BOGO is false advertisement!!I ordered the NuWave Oven, paid for shipping and handling…and only rec'd one oven.

So for one oven i paid $179.00. I can purchase that for where I live. I know I clicked on the BOGO button, and yet it only calculated that i receive one…what the heck???

I am currently speaking to the company now…which they won't let me speak to a supervisor, has me on hold for 10 min.already..Better Business Bureau here is your next customer.


I know we just did that and I was like what it says free!! And then we get them and instead of it taking 26 mins to cook 5 pounds of chicken thighs it took over an hr! I'm sending them back plus when I cooked my eggs they stuck to the pan and some cooked to long and the rest wasnt done waste of money!!

Bradenton, Florida, United States #725732

I agree.The shipping is outrageous.

There is no way it cost more than the piece itself to ship those "FREE" things.Total RIP OFF

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