First off, if you want the free cookware you have to pay S&H. I don't have a problem with that if it wasn't $59.95.

So your paying for the item. I rejected all the free stuff and of course didn't get the second FREE PIC. Oh, want the tote bag? $10.00.

If you get all the items they suggest, your looking at several hundred dollars. Well, the PIC arrived and now I tried to use it. Display kept showing E1, pan not on PIC and MAGNETIC. Key work here, MAGNETIC.

So, unless you get their free cookware (S&H $59.95) or have MAGNETIC cookware yourself the item doesn't work. Gee, I wonder why they don't mention that on the infomercial. All my pans are Calphalon (non-magnetic).

Now, although the infomercial didn't lie about anything, they didn't reveal the whole truth. Just a heads up if your thinking about buying this item.

Review about: Nuwave Oven Cooktop.

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I have formed the opinion that the nuwave2 is a piece of paper of junk as I am on my 3rd unit and all 3 have had the same issue they simply stop cooking at or around the medium heat setting and will not heat up until you change the setting to a higher level then it overheats. My neighbor has a induction cooktop by a different manufacturer and never has a problem with it. Nuwave is cheaply made junk.


The info commercial does mention that it works with cookware with the induction symbol and uses magnetism. Logically you need steel bottom cookware for it to work.


$75.00 for S&H. I was pissed however this is the best cooktop for me.

Didn't get the pans as promised or mislead. When asked they said it was not free.

Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, United States #717749

I placed an order for the cook tops, was told 3 to 5 days delivery, had to go out of town, the say they delivered product 2 days later but I never got it. The don't ship as a sign for delivery, they just drop it off at your door.

they told me its my problem and they will not replace or refund my money. I am now in process of filing a complaint with the better business bur. and getting an attorney to pursue other options.

I don't recommend ordering if they wont deliver as a sign for package. Feel like they got their money so to *** with me.

Terrell, Texas, United States #704514

Saw the PIC at Wal Mart for $99.00. It includes a free frying pan with it.

Tampa, Florida, United States #701492

I was ready to order this product specially because of the BOGO. Good thing I did some research about the reviews of the product and made me decide not to get it anymore.

Thanks everyone for all the honest comments.

I'm glad I didn't buy it.. :-)

Montreal, Quebec, Canada #693393

Thank you for the info, I almost ordered too, what a rip off, I got ripped off already once by EEZE LIFT ***

University, Florida, United States #689405

Thank you for all of your comments I was almost ready to purchase... Our government should get these infomercials banned if they don't reveal the entire truth.

Also the shipping should be illegal.

It does not cost that much to ship items or I should be able to set up my shipping and pay and insure.


to Sick of Rip offs Sacramento, California, United States #693433

Don't count on our "government" to protect us; they are a joke of the n-th order.


OK I purchased the NuWave precision induction cooktop (BOGO offer) as a gift for my wife I made sure that to Total cost was well hidden because if I told her that the total was $229.84 she would have asked me to return the order.Hope she like's it!

The cost of the 2 cooktop is $99.99 you get the cookware (free)

shipping $129.85.They make sure that you pay the total shipping up front with the first payment and two payments of $33.33. If I return the set I would have to pay shipping cost $129.85 for the return set and loose the shipping cost for shipping to me.Rip off? I am mad as heel and wont do that again :( :cry

to Papi Birmingham, Alabama, United States #606692

I guess you've never heard of Ebay...

Got two cookers for 99.00 and $30 shipping.

:grin :grin :grin

to Common Sense Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #648189

Well, I started a order saw the prices and candles. 2 weeks later they called me.

I got one set of cookware, 2 pics, and the bags delivered for 237.00. Shipping and all included.

The sales lady gave me a number ton call and get them or the ovens for the same price. So do the whole process and candle at the last second and get a good deal.




The shipping charges is awful that's bad I know you are loosing a lot of customers because of this.


It shouldn't be legal to call something "free" on TV, then charge $70 for it and just call it "shipping and handling". Yeah right.

Brooklyn, New York, United States #571194

Why does the government allow these informercials...most of them are ripoffs.


thanks everyone I was so close to getting it, wont now!

to debbie b #578796

I almost got it too, until I realized how much money it would cost

to debbie b Greenville, South Carolina, United States #582567

We ordered on the BOGO deal and sprang for the small NuWave oven as well, got everything we ordered no problem.


I bought the cook top paid 139 shipping and handleing no cookware they said i needed to pay another 65 dollars to get the free cookware. Is this really FREE

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