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First off, if you want the free cookware you have to pay S&H.I don't have a problem with that if it wasn't $59.95.

So your paying for the item. I rejected all the free stuff and of course didn't get the second FREE PIC. Oh, want the tote bag? $10.00.

If you get all the items they suggest, your looking at several hundred dollars. Well, the PIC arrived and now I tried to use it. Display kept showing E1, pan not on PIC and MAGNETIC. Key work here, MAGNETIC.

So, unless you get their free cookware (S&H $59.95) or have MAGNETIC cookware yourself the item doesn't work. Gee, I wonder why they don't mention that on the infomercial. All my pans are Calphalon (non-magnetic).

Now, although the infomercial didn't lie about anything, they didn't reveal the whole truth.Just a heads up if your thinking about buying this item.

Review about: Nuwave Oven Cooktop.


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Magnetic pans??? Huh?

Do you mean a ferrous material like a cast iron skillet or a stainless steel pot? Yah those work all day long. High School Science 101.

Use your noodle, and I'm not talking about the one you are cooking for dinner! :x

:grin :grin :grin :grin


I have been cooking almost exclusively on my induction cooktop for about a year now.I really want the Nuwave PIC because the temp settings can be changed in 10degree increments; mine has nine preset temp settings.

I asked the sales rep how to get the free pans and she told me about the 69.99 S&P. Maybe Bed Bath and Beyond or Nordstrom will stock these in the future. For anyone who shops at TJ Maxx or Marshalls-they always have induction-ready pieces available. You only need a pot and a skillet.

I ordered a whole set at Circulon dot com.They offer 25% off coupon code every so often.


Thanks for the great feed backs, I,m not going to by this product..


I saw the commercial and then was just about to buy but then did some research and read comments. I end up buying a Duxtop for 1/3 of the price, and have no complaints


I just did some more research on induction portable cooktops and WOW did I find a jackpot!For far less money than the NuWave cooktop, there are several makers of these types of cooktops and the consumer ratings for them are much higher than this product got!

As with everything, yes it is best to do your homework, but to Hearthware Becky the "Social Media Marketing Manager", who makes this, you should take note of all of the complaints and WHAT they are saying! I can go and buy a cooktop, even this cooktop, on ebay, Amazon, Overstock, etc. If you wont hear peoples comments of how they are being ripped off ($59.95 shipping & handling? What a joke!), then we will take our business elsewhere.

Companies like yours prey off of trusting people, but all it takes is to get burned once. Your company will fail if you don't stop ripping people off. Nuff said, and my suggestion to people who are also looking into buying this product, go buy a different one for a lot less!

I wish they had a flip-the-bird emoticon for Miss Becky.:p


***....I am in desperate need of a cooktop, especially one like this that is rather compact in comparison to the ones that are regular burners in the stores like Target and Walmart.

I have a small kitchen that is not setup for an installed cooktop and what I have found with plugin ones is that they are only allowed to have so much wattage. Its like trying to boil water with a hair dryer or candle warmer. The Rival one I have just broke the other day. I saw this infomercial this morning and was so excited!

But... I learned (after purchasing a Chefdini - dont ever do that fyi!) that these distribution companies for products are so shady! Since that experience I always come see what people are saying and it seems to be the same for a lot of "as seen on TV" products.... the product is good, the company marketing and distributing is corrupt!

How do we fight this people? I really do want to buy products that I see on TV and most of them turn out to be good products, but I am so wary of it now. I will figure out a way to buy this, since it looks like what I want and I own the NuWave oven and love it.




Magnetic pans are available at sears and other places.Also, cast iron skillets, Cast iron cookware that has the enamel coating works great and you can buy that at WalMart.

Carry a small magnet with you when you go shopping, and if it attaches to the bottom of the pan, it will work just fine. Also, cookware often has symbols on the bottom, that indicate what cookware it can be used on. Don't think your standard stainless steel or coated cookware will work unless you test it to see if it's magnetic. You don't have to buy their cookware, and in all reality, who does fondue these days?

Induction Cooking is fast and doesn't heat up the whole house. It's great for frying like they claim. The companies service just stinks!

Wait till they come out in stores unless you just have to have it today.Just don't order the 2 for one, because the 2nd ones are always on backorder!


Best way to get in touch with this company, is to watch for one of their infomercials and call the order number.At least they will take your complain, and tie up their order lines.

Also, never use a debit card to pay for these items, only credit, and if your entire order doesn't show up, call your credit card company, and refuse to pay because of incomplete order. I received one cook top, and the small frying pan which was missing the top. I was supposed to have received 2 PICs, the "free cookware set" the upgraded large frying pan, for a total cost of $250. They tried to get me to agree to paying all upfront, with the promise of a $25 gift card, which I declined, knowing they collect their money fast.

The shipping order showed that the cookware set was in the box, which it was not. There also was no indication how long the back order was going to take to fill. I told the Credit Card Company that no additional charges from this company were to be paid, because they are unauthorized. The CC Company is sending me a complaint form which I will send back, filled out, as soon as I receive it.

With as many complaints as this company seems to be generating, I doubt they'll have time to answer them all!

I wish the government would do something about companies that work this way, and make them show all costs up front on their advertisements, shipping and handling does not cost what they charge us.It's all profit!


When you see something "Absolutely Free" on TV it is to generate phone calls.Get a clue people it's not hard to figure out.

There is no FREE.

Forget about it.If you don't like getting taken for a ride, don't pick up the phone..or better yet, change the channel.


I recently saw the infomercial on the PIC and became very interested.The first thing I did was to research induction and what makes it work.

From there, I learned of the types of pans that can be used with the technology. I then researched reviews from other induction stovetop users outside those who have the PIC and learned of the common differences in stated versus actual temperature. I learned that all induction stovetops do the same thing and is not a fault. Finally, I spoke with the NuWave folks and came up with a combo that I was willing to pay for.

I say all this to say that we as consumers must do our research before purchasing anything. Always find out what the hidden fees are and the average shipping time.

Being quick to post a negative review without the proper research could cost someone the experience of a great product!I am yet to receive my order but thought I'd share this thought for those who are considering to purchase one.

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