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I bought the Nu-Wave oven-pro on sale before Easter to cook a fresh 8lb turkey breast. Tried it on a few steaks (double the cooking time), some sausage links (double the cooking time), and finally the 8lb turkey breast (should take 1 hour).

After FIVE hours of cooking, the temperature never went over 150 degrees. Gave up, put it in regular oven for 30 minutes to get it to 170 degrees. Returning product today. The informercial is deceptive advertising!

The oven would cycle on and off but never got anywhere near the claimed 350 degrees on high setting.

My thermometer is accurate. Like trying to cook a turkey with a hair dryer!

Product or Service Mentioned: Nuwave Oven Oven.

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I purchased this unit a few years ago then after a few years then dome cracked. I had to buy a replacement.

A few years later the circuit board inside the unit goes out. What's the point spending money on garbage? I will just throw the whole thing out and go back to using the standard oven. It was a good idea as the unit cooked good everytime.

I did not even use the unit all the time only 2-3 times per week. It just lacks long term durability.


We love ours....


I have been doing 12 to 16lb turkeys for years in the nuwave oven and have had perfect results every time! Golden brown skin and really moist meat done in less than 2 hrs.

Last year, I did a 12lb turkey in 50 min! Came out perfect! Was very surprised how quickly it was done.

I have also cooked turkey *** in a very short amount of time. The oven is great for so many things right from frozen-a real time saver.


My son-in-law has had a Flavorwave for years. He loves it.

My daughter especially likes it for chicken. They decided to get a. Ew one recently and passed the old one on to me. I decided to pull something out of the freezer tonight and try it.

I pulled out country style ribs. With no recipe in the book, I decided to try the Internet.

This website leaves me with some doubts but we will soon k ow. My cupboard space is limited so I hope it makes the grade.



Sweetheart for Starters Please for the Love of God Learn Proper English Grammar. Secondly There is Nothing Wrong With the Oven, It's Something That You're Doing Wrong!!!!

Perhaps Following the Directions Better!?

Yeah Imagine That Would Work Wonders!!!!!! Give it a Try!!!!


Grammar? From some *** fuq that uses caps on every word. Freakshow.


For Frozen Chicken Breast I Set My Unit to 350º and Cook 13 Minutes on Each Side it Comes Out Moist, Juicy and Perfectly Browned Every Time. Perhaps You are Cooking *** That are Very Thick and Large.

Try 17 minutes on Each Side in That Case. I've NEVER Had Anything Come Out Uncooked.


I love mine. I cook everything in it and have never had any problems.


Serously, you didn't even turn the power up. The nu wave is awesome. READ YOUR INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE POSTING NASTY THINGS ABOUT A PRODUCT.


hey ***, you evidently didn't follow the directions, I have had a nuwave for three years now, and have cooked numerous roasts, sausage, turkeys ect in my nuwave........just follow the directions, turn halfway, and things are great I doubt if you know how to cook on a regular stove, so quit knocking the nuwave. READ the directions


My daddy bought the nuwave oven he loved to cook. He did reaserch on it before hand and found some negative reviews but that didn't stop him.

Him and my mom loved it. He bought me one I use it everyday I do agree with the person that said it's the best invention since sliced bread


well from my experiences and from having a nuwave for oven since it first came out i can adequately say i know what you all are doing wrong for those that are cooking and saying it didn't get a specific temp well when you plug it in it starts on the top power level of high if you accidentally push high while trying to set the time more than once you are actually reducing the temp the oven operates at so do not touch the temp button specially if you're cooking from frozen also make sure you're following the correct rack size and time listed on the quick sheet and realize that the times listed on the sheet are suggested times not exact times so depending on where you live time maybe shorter or longer ie if you live in the mountains etc you have to adjust the time just like you would for high altitude cooking in a regular oven. if you're cooking from frozen you also have to adjust the time.

and for those that are discouraged by others negative comments realize this this is their opinion. And opinions are like *** everyones got em and sometimes they stink.


You're a ***! you have to be smarter then the turkey breast!


This oven sat unused in a bunch of other stuff. A family memebr had a little problem buying stuff on tv .

I have used it only 3 times and it is amazing. Country style ribs, chicken, and one other i forget. No smoke, cheaper than the big oven, but it cooks fast, an it gives the charcoal look on the outside but dang it's so easy. I'm going to buy my Mom one.

She will love it. It's really versatile as well.

If something goes wrong after awhile, I'll get another one, Talk about easy, fast, no microwave cooking. It's awesome,


Im about to through in trash.

Everything is damage.

The dome cracks.

The pan bent

I cant clean the grease from the grid. All rusted. Nesty.


You evidently cant read, you sure cannot spell. I have had the nuwave for over three years, same dome, it did not come to you damaged,.

you did it. You have to treat parts of things like china, clean it every time you use it, wait till the parts have cooled then wash them in warm soapy water, not the dishwasher, How the heck did you bend the pan? And the grid has to be wiped off as well as the other parts every time, and I am assuming that nesty means nasty?

Did you even read the instructions, not is the answer. People don't take stuff from people like this, if you have questions get on the site and ask, if you want to cook something, look on the internet, its all there, you can cook anything in the nuwave that you can cook on a regular stove


You're retarded and destructive


:grin LOVE it! Old oven burned out, parts unavailable and obsolete - got it on a whim, and love it.

The people who say it doesn't cook chicken, etc., need to check to make sure it's on 10 power, we had turkey, Cornish Hens, steak, chicken pieces, veggies.

All delicious. I was nervous about Thanksgiving, but had no reason to be.


The only real problem I had with the unit is with their (power) dome. It begins to yellow and crack after 2 years of daily use. They also charged by $30 to get a new dome.

Aside from their decision to use this polycarbonate material, the unit actually cooks food quite well and overall fairly reliable.


Everything I have made in my NuWave (over 1 year now!) has been perfect ... as long as I followed directions. Will never be without one again!