I purchased a Nu wave oven a week ago. Tried it the first day it came in and It took the steaks like 4 times longer to cook than the dvd said it would.

I had tried it without putting in the power level and with putting in the power level. Tomorrow a lady from Nu wave is suppose to be calling me and walking me through how to use it. I am concerned that if I don't like it they will charge me 94.00 in shipping to send it back like I HAVE BEEN READING ON THE REVIEWS. What a rip off!!

So am I just doing something wrong??? Oh and also I ended up putting the steaks in my oven to finish cooking. They were tender inside but had no taste even though I seasoned them.

My husband was upset. What to do, Please Help???

Product or Service Mentioned: Nuwave Oven Oven.

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My unwave never work ,I gave my daughter one for Christmas and didn’t work either a paid almost 200.00 dollars for both and no one work


Bought the NuWave oven Used it 5 Times Now It Won't even Turn On WTH


I have used my Nuwaveoven for one year. I am very pleased.

Today Nuwaveoven is not working properly. It has a continuous beeping sound, in the screen it has “EHI”.

Help! I don’t know what to do!


Had nuwave oven only a couple of months. Now won't even start.

It had been working just fine. But now won't start up.

I'm very disappointed. What can I do.


Just got my nu wave for Xmas plug it in it does nothing but constant beeping on off button does nothing nothing lights up in the menu. Did I get a defective one?


My pro plus power head went dead with the same keypad not working problem. since it happened before 1 year so I was able to file a claim but guess what?

they wanted me to pay $15 for the replacement and also i need to ship the dead power head back to them at my own cost. what a total ripoff.

Goose Creek, South Carolina, United States #1353806

just found out that the power head for the nuwave is good for one year, their no place to repaired the power head. a new power head will cost you $75.00 plus $14.00 for shipment

Lady Lake, Florida, United States #1318649

I bought a NuWave 2 cooktop and it doesn't work .... all it does with every pot or pan I put on it is give me a error E1 or E2....

What a rip off this NuWave company is with their cheap electronics and components... They should be put out of business....

Gilmer, Texas, United States #1291335

I really don't want to post a comment. I want to order a replacement dome section that was attached to the heating unit and the operation selection unit.

Mine was plastic and over about two years, it just cracked and split around and simply fell off.

Can that dome be replaced and if so is it available in something other than the plastic that just split and fell off? or 903-734-5944

Langley, British Columbia, Canada #1271941

I have a Nu Wave oven & I used to cook a turkey on Boxing Day. Now I can't get the lid off of it.

It is on so tight & I would like to get it off. ANY SUGGESTIONS?????


My New wave pro plus stopped working. I press cook time and it doesn't even beep or it doesn't even let me put the number of the cook time and it the start doesn't worker either. I was able to put mins for cook time, but won't start.


The default is 350° - you can lower but not increase temp. Watch demo on QVC.

Nothing wrong with your NW oven... just watch a demo for how to use.

to Anonymous #1109558

mine worked 2 x. Now the fan dont work inside and when you hit temp it says 350 degrees then u hit start and it says 100. It heats up but dont cook

to Trish #1545758

I just purchased a nuwave cook on first day it work next time come on and goes off won't stay on

Manassas, Virginia, United States #1050540

I have a NuWave... it's cooking everything perfect just like they showed on the QVC demo.

The default setting is 350°. I simply touch "cook time" and start. Are you cooking.5-6 minutes per side as instructed? Join the NuWave Oven Recipes site or NuWave,Cooking Club site.

I think you have operator error issues.

The first site is all NuWave owners and ask anything!


My nu wave oven don't heat up any more model number 20356 black.I need to get the top part were the ring turn red that make's the cook .

Richmond, Virginia, United States #958099

I hear your troubles because my n wave for some reason will not allow a temperature change. It is stuck on 350.

You try and add another temp.

and it reverts back to 350. Anyone with any ideas

San Antonio, Texas, United States #945437

My new wave does not heat at all. The wall plug has power - other appliance work as they are supposed to.

It is only the NuWave.

Had it a while, but not used a great deal. Any thoughts besides purchasing another one?

to jacket06 #1210718

mine just did the same thing just stop cooking now nothing

Houston, Texas, United States #882988

My nu wave just started not to cook. I hit cook time..set time..hit cook and it goes back to zero time and doesnt start. Anyone know if I hit buttons incorrectly.

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