Hi I purchased a nu-wave oven on 10/18/12 for 84.83 with 3 more payments of 39.95 to come off my debit card every 18th of the month for 3 months which is every 30 days on the 18th of November the $39.95 was not taking off my debit card yet then on November 25th 2012 these *** took out $ 124.81 from my debit card when they where supposed to be only taking out $39.95 for the 3months that I have left to pay off the Nu-wave oven what DUMD *** these people are causing me to get over drafts in my account. I would advise people to stay away from these Finning -*** messing me up cause they wanna be Greddy which I'm gonna report theses *** to my bank plus put these jerks on blast!

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