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Nuwave PIC is a great product. the company that sells it is defrauding the customer, I paid for two (2)

Nuwave PIC last month, only received one with a note saying the other items well be delivered soon.

They say they are on back order, I emailed, called, and filed a complaint with the BBB, they have not even responded to the BBB. I have contacted the California district attorneys office and Channel 13 news consumer alert. All I want is my products that they are billing me for.

Maybe.. Some notice when will I receive the rest of my order.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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wish I had seen these comments before I got sucked in


Went through the ordering process via phone for the NuWave PIC offer. Left my E-mail address as directed.

My order was for buy one, get one.

Approximately one (1) month later, received a call from a person representing themselves as an agent of the company (Brian 4543) . Brian stated that he was calling to correct flaws in the process and that I should receive a follow up Email soon,; indicating a remedy . It has now been approximately one and one half months since my initial order.

Company boasts being a Better Business Bureau endorsed company. How can this be?





im in the same boat only i paid in full for everything!


Just canel the credit card payment then you will see how fast they respond, or you get the unit for free


What I think unethical is that the company has stock to fulfill every new order of the first PIC but not the "free" second one. That indicates that they choose to reserve the existing stock to grab as many new customers (and their money) as possible in sacrifice of the existing customers who have already paid for (in terms of S&H at least) their second one. In short run, this might work wonderful to their company's finance, but it will definitely be fatal to their reputation and customer satisfaction in the long term.


Jeremy, what make you so special that you can resolve the issue if they already scam the buyers.


Hello, I am Jeremy too. So don't believe me.


Over two months and have not got all of my order. They will not answer any emails or calls as many others have said But just try sending to the address that they posted, no such adderess.

Try it!. They are posting trying to influnce every reader that there good.

Tell that to the many that have posted a complaint.

There ovens can be got much cheeper from amazon or walmart. I got sick of waiting and ordered a cooktop from elseware because I'm not waiting for what may never come.


I'm sooo glad I came here before ordering this product. Most people said they didn't receive the second PIC and others said that they ended up paying much more than they thought.

That's good enough for me to rethink my decision. They sure made that thing sound good but I'm not in the market to get ripped off.

Hearthware Jeremy

Hello, my name is Jeremy Pohn and I am the Social Media Coordinator for Hearthware, the makers of the NuWave PIC. I apologize for the delay in the receipt of your second PIC.

The sudden success of this new product overwhelmed our supply, forcing us to place it on backorder. We have ramped up production and have begun fulfilling backorders. Rest assured that every customer that is waiting on backordered items will be receiving them in the coming weeks.

If you would like an update on the status of your order, feel free to email your order information to

We will inquire with our customer service managers and forward any information we receive onto you. Thank you for your patience.

to Hearthware Jeremy Bullhead City, Arizona, United States #789110

Jeremy, I was just getting ready to purchase a NuWave PIC for my niece, who's getting married in May (I actually have the site up on a 2nd tab). But after ready the customer service nightmarish stories of those who trusted your commercial, I'll find another gift.

Why is it time and again, customers receive their 1st PIC, but find their 2nd to be somewhere in backorder ***, even when they've paid IN FULL? Your product sounds wonderful, but your customer support needs desperate help and is the very reason I won't buy your product.

A shame too, because as a young wife, I think she would have gotten good use out of your product. But I love her too much to send her into customer support pergatory.

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