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I am upset beyond belief.I logged into the NuWave website to look at the items I saw on TV.

First of all you have to enter your credit card info just to go through the pages. Here is the fun part !! As you go through the pages you are actually ordering items. I used the back button once and ended up with an additional one.

My total came out to $330 for a $129 oven. I am so *** mad. I sent an e-mail to the company to cancel which got auto rejected. I tried as soon as they opened today..

Their response was sorry, it just shipped. This story needs to be told.

I will advertise this when ever and where ever humanly possible.

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Sierra Madre, California, United States #676470

Information is good to know! Will go to Walmart! thanks,


i have had my NU Wave for 2 years and there is noting i dont LOVE bout it, cant tell you the last time i used my regular oven, i even cook my Thansgiving and Christmas turkey in it and its the best thing i have bought in along time, fixing to by another one for family memeber. Just aways read fine print and yes they are going to try and sell you other items but thats just good bsiness sense and you just can say no.


They say on TV that the extra items are FREE.If it feels like a scam, walks like a scam & talks like a scam, guess what?

It is a SCAM.:eek


:) Thank you for all the info.I was just about to order when red flags went up.

You get 3 payments, mini oven, juicer, free expedited shipping. Wait a minute! All of this for $99? Oh, no.

Too good to be true. Once they get my credit card, they can keep on charging. It's happened to me before so I decided to look up "complaints" on google. Am I glad I did!

I'll buy the oven at Walmart.This way, I can walk in & complain.

Thanks so much!

to Joolsa Columbia, South Carolina, United States #610937

i love my nuwave i got it also at walmart i love it i cook in it all the time in fact i got my inlaws one too walmart is the best place to buy that stuff


:? Another issue I encountered when I placed my order is that I was not provided with a confirmation number for the order. On their website NuWave says they are members of the Better Business Bureau, but if you look at it carefully, it's only since 2012. Has anyone else not gotten a confirmation number after they placed the order?

to Anne, New Haven, CT Kenduskeag, Maine, United States #593826

I ordered last night and I did not get a confirmation number.But I also would not order from my credit card.

I went to rite aid and bought a reloadable card and put just enough money on it to pay for this order.

I have a major problem about giving out my info to anyone.Not getting a confirmation number really bothers me.


:( I attempted to order the PIC from NUWAVE - By the time I got done talking with the call center (not a NuWave employee)my order went from $128 up to $230.I had a funny feeling about this so I called back within 24 hours to cancel the order.

I could not get through to a customer service. What I ended up doing was cancelling my credit card so that they could not access my account. Next surprise, I got an envelope in the mail for the ValueOnline and was informed that they would debit my credit card for $25 a month.

The fliers that they sent with the letter were companies I would never deal with.Have never heard from NuWave again.


I ordered Nuwave IPC two months ago and still did not receive any of the backorders.I also left 5 messages for a week but they never return the calls.

They did charge every payment on time.Will file a complaint on BBB (Better Business Bureau, Illinois) website.

to Coe #630736

Goodluck to you!I just recently ordered from Nuwave the special sale that they advertised; buy one get one free!

I was emailed a copy of my invoice. Two weeks later I received a box,2nd box arrived a week later and it was incomplete. I sent customer service an email, I was told I need pay for the main package that I did not rec'd in order for me to get it. I emailed them my invoice to show them that I ordered it according to my invoice.

Make story short they sent me copy of their revised invoice they deleted the main package that comes with my nuwave order! why they revised my order? no explaination or apology!!! I been sending emails for the last two weeks, I am busy and have other things to do!

I told them to forget it! I don't want the main package anymore...I can go on...but I am feed up!

so goodluck to all of you who has a problem with Nuwave they have worse customer service!!!

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