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Be careful.... if and when you return this overpriced machine, shipping and handling is NOT refundable.

(Mostly handling). The charge is $99.80 for shipping TO YOU and another $99.80 if you want to return it. That means you will pay (if you return item) $200, at least, since you also have to pay for the actual shipping costs, around $25.00 +or-. Be careful if you REALLY MUST HAVE this item.

It cost $184.00 and you do the math. I purchase this for the basement area for the summer, and at this price the company added on (of which the postage and handling gives them about another, in essence, probably an extra $100.00 at least on a return, I don't trust what I believe, seem to be underhanded people.

Review about: Nuwave Oven Oven.

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You can buy these ovens at Kohls for about 119.99 if you get 30 percent off with some of their sales its a better deal! Kohls will take products back if you are not satisfied! So far so good with us.


I wish I'd of seen this page BEFORE I ordered. all the complaints about cracked tops and uner and over cooked food...

I'm nervous.

I can say that the customer service wasn't good tho. When I ordered they never gave me a confirmation # and it's real hard to talk to a PERSON.


:) I'm glad I read these commits because so I decided not to buy!!!! :)

Killingworth, Connecticut, United States #301498

WOW am I glad I did NOT buy a nuwave oven!!!

I was just about to purchase a nuwave oven until I read way too many complaints, not only about the oven itself but the outrageous shipping costs not only for delivery but also to send back a faulty unit (nearly $100) ! There are way too many complaints about customer service as well pertaining to poor attitude, and very little training to help customers navigate through their website.

Many thanks to all the folks who have taken their time - sadly from their own bad experience to warn us potential buyers - who were contemplating buying one of these seemingly unsound units. Seems they are very cheaply made and the dome lid cracks according to many customers.

I’ve also read way too many complaints - a lot complain that the order is not confirmed prior to charging your credit card!!!

It definitely sends up a HUGE red flag when so many customers say they liked it at first until it stopped working after only a few months or maybe year at most after they purchased it – and now are left with “junk” as many stated – that just scares me – I’m going to try to find a similar product that actually works.

It’s very sad that in this day and age that you need to do so much research, spending hours reading comments from unhappy customers rather than pleased & satisfied customers - in hopes that you just may find a product that will actually work as advertised!

:? :eek :roll :x


We watched the infomercial on t.v. about the Nuwave and decided to order one.

I called the number on the screen and got right through to a salesperson. I placed my order after being offered several add-ons at about $30 each for S&H and some kind of club where I had 30 days to try it out and then my cc would be charged $24 each month to stay on, but I would get a discount if I tried it. We NEVER got our oven and I'm told that my order doesn't exist in their system under my name, cc, zip or anything. No apologies or offer to help - just that my order didn't go through.

I am just hoping that my cc doesn't show up with some unauthorized charges and I will definitely not be ordering from a company that can't even process their own orders. I'll get one from someone else if I decide to give them my business.


PThe s&h charges are overated.Sad how a compnay can rip you off and then are proud of it!I ordered a Nuwave oven from tv and they tried offering so many giftcards and I know I would never get,the oven works good but when I called customer service when I paid for a white oven and recaived black the rep offered a discount?Who does that and said the black looks better!How dare her!I asked for a manager and received a voicemail by the name of Roma and I constatnly called leaving numerous voicemails and she never called me back!No help at all from dear Romia some manager!I have since gave the black oven away and purchased a white oven from kohls with no hidden fees!Thanks Romia manager at nuwave oven!some great manager skills you have!I do love my nuwave


I was thinking about buying the product thinking it will cost me 39.99 three times which will be less than $120.00 and shipping will be free but after reading so many almost $100.00 shipping charges I am still thinking and will keep thinking for a long time.


hi Mudster,

I'm very sorry you had a problem. I'm not sure how you were charged $99.80 for an oven when the price on the site is clearly listed at $29.95. Please feel free to contact our customer service department if you have any questions.


NuWave Oven

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