I got the Nuwave oven for Christmas and its pointless!! It is huge and takes up all of the counter and cooks no better or faster than anything else.

It took about thirty minutes to cook my bacon to a floppy microwave consistency.

I had to try to work around it since it takes up one whole counter, and my kitchen it a standard size. Unless it is filled with Jack Daniels and a carton of cigarettes (and I dont smoke, but needed something for my nerves after using this oven) it is a waste of wrapping paper not to mention money!

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Not sure if this helps, but you do know you don't have to keep the oven on the countertop right? It can be stored anywhere?

Also, when it came to cooking, did you wing it or did you use the Cooking Guide and cookbook?

There is also the NuWave cooking club. There is a learning curve but with the provided resources, this appliance can change your life for the better.


Jeez, what an idjit.

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