Nuwave product is great. I have loved this company and the NUWAVE oven.

I have used the oven now for two years. After the first couple months my dome did start cracking, when I reported it , I immediatly three days later received a replacement. After about one year the motor started getting louder and within three days of reporting that I received a new motor. Purrs like a kitten and has always worked perfectly.

I don't know who you people are talking to but I have found customer service excellent. I use the NUWAVE almost daily and love it.

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Well, I don't work for them and I love mine! I have had it with no problems for a good 3 plus years.

I bought mine at Kohls so I didn't run into any S/H problems like the majority of the people on this site. I recommend buying it at a store.


:grin i'm check'n out all the reviews and can't help but wonder if this was is actually from a person who works for company or a real person who honeslty found it to be of good use with hardly any problems at all.

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