Beware if you think your getting a great value for your buy one get one free for 3 easy payments of $39.99!!!!!! It's all a lie, they charge you $19.99 for shipping on almost every item and it only comes in two boxes.

I got 2 ovens, 1 extender, 1 pizza, 1 baking, 1 mixer, 1 blender kit, total was $280 (which he never said) something but the customer service rep told me my total due was $177.05 with payments of $50 something, then I get a bill of $280 something. Had he told me my total was $280 something, I would never have purchased it as most of my bill was shipping, I could have purchased 5 other infrared ovens for that price including the shipping!

I wrote an email to complain, they called an said, "he said your total due was $177 for your 1st payment with 2 additional payments of $50 something!" ***, you don't tell someone your total due is $177 then get a bill for $280 something!

Product or Service Mentioned: Nuwave Oven Blender.

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my dad purchased a bogo with the mixer carrying case extender ring baking kit etc.... the total was $403.36!!!!!

He's 89 yrs old ,hard of hearing now I have to some how fix this mess and send it back its not the 3 easy payments of 29.99 scamming on the elderly this company should be sued for false advertsing and praying on the ederly!!!!!! and the invoice makes no sense what a low life company better business bureau need to take a look or someone


My experience today, August 24 2014, was similar. They read through the items I'd receive so quickly that I missed they were going to charge me $29.95 PER OVEN for shipping.

The Extender Ring Kit used on the infomercial was an additional 11.95 per kit (though they did offer to me for $5.50 per oven). Then they added $9.95 shipping for the kit (I don't remember if this was per kit). It was the shipping for the kits that caused me to further question the charges in detail. When all was said and done, I was going to pay a total of $380 for 2 ovens and extender kits.

Important to note is that I wasn't informed total costs [to the point of understanding anyhow] until AFTER they had requested my credit card number.

The order is to be cancelled and I'll be watching to confirm no merchandise arrives at my door and no charges appear on my credit card. Silly me.


I've read about the fraudulent shipping add-ons in a review about these "buy one, get one free" offers. All of these TV adds do that.

The shipping, as you noted, costs more than the product you're buying. That's why I never buy any of this *** they have on TV. You can't inspect it before buying. If you do buy it and don't like its quality, you have to pay to have it shipped back.

I'm watching the NuWave commercial on TV now. Keep the extras as a free gift. ***, it's not free.

You paid $20 for shipping on each item that's worth maybe $5. I'm not a fan of plastic; I want glass or metal for durability.

@Smart Shopper

That is the NuWave Scam. You can "Get your money back" BUT ONLY THE PURCHASE PRICE, AND YOU HAVE TO PAY TO SHIP IT BACK.

That is their way to not only make it so expensive & complex to get a refund that most people finally just give up and put it away in a closet. If, however, you are the exceptional customer who prevails over the pitfalls in the request for a refund process, you will soon note that the costs of shipping equals, or at times may even exceed the purchase price of the article purchased, or worst of all, if you bought your article in one of their "BOGO" promotion as you are out the additional costs for "P&H" or some similar code that replaces the old "S&H" [too many people figured out that the 75% or more of the "Shipping & Handling" charges are for "Handling (H)" as the USPS or other courier company provided them with the box, and a quick call, or click on their website will give you the basics that you will need to calculate the ACTUAL "SHIPPING (s)" COSTS as a retail customer, something that you will be required to pay to ship it back to NuWave] & when you add in the cost of returning the "Free" product, which you will be required to return, there is no "Keep the ("free add-ons")" play in their system. End result is that the refund you may, if you are very lucky, receive will be such a small percentage of the amount paid for their BOGO deal, in either real funds or percentage of purchase price, that it unless you are sitting in one of the State Prison facilities where you can earn $0.30/hr to make phone calls to possibly errant customers that the company sponsoring the program that you are enrolled in at the time, and browbeat or threaten the poor victim of the collection process in your (their) customary way, it will never be worth the value of the time and effort you have expended in the process. And forget about getting satisfaction through any one of the "Consumer Protection Agencies of the several states, they are all too busy trying to get the guy who sells pillows on TV to change the way that he represents he is making a BOGO offer, when in fact the only way anyone has ever bought his pillows is to pay the BOGO asking price as that is, in actuality, the only price at which the pillows are being offered, you can have either one (decline the second pillow and pay the full advertised price, anyway) pillow or you can accept the second pillow and pay the same price, that is it.

The pillows are only available in pairs, and the advertised price is for two (2) pillows, not for one pillow and then get another one for free. Have fun, and first check at the "As seen on TV" shelf in Walmart.

You will pay the base price on the article, but no additional shipping charges or "handling ('H')" fees, and all you need to do if you are unhappy with the product is remember where you put the sales slip and go to Walmart and they will give you a refund on the spot. They will also refund the state sales tax money collected from you at the time of purchase.


I never made it as far as you do to the reviews I read..I did call and it would have been around the same price as you got so I never placed a order..