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14 months after purchasing my PIC units, one of them came totally apart.Customer service tells me "sorry it only comes with a 12 month warranty.

Offered me a discount to buy another one. Why would I want to buy another if they won't stand behind a defective one?. Here is a picture....the surface of the cook top appears to be glued to the base. They wouldn't even discuss the issue, just wanted me to buy another.

Sad as I really loved it!I also own all the cookware and two of the ovens.

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ok so it broke after the warranty period is up and they didn't give you another for free? heaven forbid, that's why it HAS a period of time on it's warranty.

i've had one for well over 12 months and if/when it breaks i'm not gonna pout like a baby i'll suck it up and get another.

they did offer you a discount on a new one which to me is more than fair since it WAS past the warranty period. if it had been within it's time and they had NOT offered a replacement i'd be pissed off.

people need to stop being so *** needy thinking everyone just HAS to give them what they want WHEN they want, sorry but it just doesn't work that way as you are NOT the center of the universe and once you get down off your pity box and take a deep breath i'm sure you'll see that.


Sorry for you problem, but they're right it's past the warranty period. Most of them I'm sure last longer mine are easily past that, but when the warranty is up, the wannaty is up. Try to get your car replaced after its waranty.

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