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WOW - What a pain! I bought this and decided to return it w/out using it.

Thank Goodness I used the Track & Confirm along with Insurance from the Post Office. I called for a "RGA" #, wrote it on the outside of the box a& on the invoice then sent it back on 1/25/11.

They recv'd it back on 1/31/11 but say they didn't receive it - the Post Office had to fax them proof of delivery - they are now saying they didn't get the fax! I still don't have my credit and it's 2/28/11

Review about: Nuwave Oven Oven.

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I am not going to buy this product. I almost bought it and after reading all this negative remarks about the dome breaking and the poor customer service and the fraudulent charges on credit card Im glad I read the reviews before buying.


Althea, contact your credit card company. I had an experience to yours and my cc company resolved the issue, in my favor I might add. As you, I had overwhelming evidence in terms of paper trail showing the company DID receive the merchanise.

Good luck!


Thank goodness I decided to do some research before I purchased this item....From all the negative feedback that's online (and there are a lot all over the web) I no longer have an interest in purchasing this item....Thanks to all for posting you feedbacks it does helps us who haven't decided yet....I'll keep my money and use my oven instead....


This item was purchased by my disabled husband because he thought it would help me. First of all the shipping cost was $69.85, the payments went from three at $39.99 to 3 at $51.64 because they tricked him into buying the pizza stuff and the extended ring.

I tried it out for him and it took longer to cook than in the oven, I didn't find any advantage to cooking in the NuWave. It took up the whole bottom rack of the dishwaster to clean leaving no room for the dinner dishes.

Washing by hand is harder than washing pots and pans because of the bulky size. I am shipping back in hopes to get my money back and stopping the credit card from future charges by this company.


Please do not buy, this is useless and to even get to ship product back is a hustle. Atleastg i have learnt my lesson never to buy anything on TV unless its from QVC.

It took me over 10 calls, holding over 20 minutes to getg an auth to return product, i lost the shiiping charges 29.99 and the cost i'll incur to ship back ...but id rather pay that than to keep this worthless product.

Use your oven it cooks as well and atleast you wont be wasting your money.

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