I can't imagine where you people are buying your NuWave. I didn't pay as much for the whole thing as some of the complaints are talking about shipping charges.

If used a lot they don't last a long time. They are'nt intended to be for (all the time or forever ) cooking. At the price and as often as I use mine I have no problem at all. As for service, some screws stripped their thread and they sent me a whole new head.

Some of you people need to be a lot more careful of where you buy your items. I can't believe some of your complaints about what some of you folks spent.

Review about: Nuwave Oven Oven.

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:grin I bought mine at Kmart and it is an analog and I LOVE IT!!!!! I have told my co workers and they have one as well, I only paid $99.00 for mine. no problems, it does take time to learn times, but it is well worth it.


Love it. Paid 99.00 for the analog at Walmart. Made Salmon the first night and it was the best I've ever made oven, grill or stovetop.


I agree with Dozen. I got mine as a gift a year ago and was not so sure but to my surprise, I absolutely love it.

I just did the recipe for Easter eggs and they were perfect. I am very happy with mine.

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