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WARNING!Nuwave is nothing more than a *** game.

The consumer pays for a non refundable shipping in items they don't receive. This company gives inconstant answers to consumers inquiring about their order. Do not buy their into their scam, because they are hiding behind commerce law regarding shipping and handling. You will not receive the items in your order as promised.

You will receive only the items that you pay for, and not the advertised free items, but you will be charged shipping on those items. After spending hours on the phone with their costumer service, you will still walk away empty handed. Do not believe the positive reviews, as they seem to have been written by employees of Nuwave (a.k.a.

Hearthware).You've been warned!

Review about: Nuwave Oven Oven.

Monetary Loss: $289.

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I want to add my 2 cents here, customer service is terrible. I had shipping problems and could not get any one to help me. DO NOT BUY..

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I have both 2 Nu Wave ovens and 2 PIC...they both cook better than anything else I have ever used...if you order online then you will have all questions answered before you purchase it...just make sure you read each page and only choose what you want to order...1 of my Nu Wave ovens cooking head died after 2 years of constant use and they sent me another one...I sent the faulty one back by mail for less than $10...they shipped the new one to me free of charge...


All newwave prodicte should all so be in all cooking any where in the whole world not just on tv or the web make it so everyone want to know the full cost and be able pick it up & pay the price listed in the store with out any added hiden cost & s&h hiden cost


I saw the infomerciol an called, the said it was 29.95 for the oven and 29.95 for the "free" products,and that was before Yhey tried to sell me the other items, I tried to asked how much they cost,and they wanted my cc # before any other info, so they hung up on me.I then went on Amazon , e- bay walmart, kohls, etc and bought it at a way better price with free shipping from kohls, icl the ext ring pizza stuff ,pan for $135!!.I also had $50 in freecash .

What a great deal. Do not buy from T.V.

Check all around!Robin Long Isand, N.Y.


I too was ready to buy but the reviews changed my mind.I'm fairly sure it's illegal to charge for shipping an item without sending the product.

Further I agree with number 7, the second one is the same weight as the first so the shipping should be the same.

And if amazon can ship it for 10$ why can't these people.I'll just buy one on amazon and avoid the frustration.


What I've heard is that Nuwave is still running the infomercials even though they've been on backorder for the "free" stuff for quite awhile - doesn't matter that they don't have the product to ship out, or promise "Express 24 Hour Processing" apparently - as long as they're get your card number.

Just keep this in mind though - you'll be paying $140 in "shipping and handling" if you get all the "free" stuff they advertize ($29.95 for the 1st PIC, $39.95 for the 2nd "free" PIC, and $69.95 for the "free" Ultimate Cookware Set).

So if you didn't add it on for the extra S/H, or weren't mentioned the free stuff on the phone and didn't ask, then you won't get it.


I musta got lucky on this oven!One of the best ovens I have used!

Paid $40 for it at Goodwill, and was like new, with the expander ring.I want the new p.i.c., if anything like the oven, i'm all smiles here...


My nuwave started to crack after a couple of mothhs.I was sent a new dome and the new one is already starting to crack. I like it but I wish I ne I wish i didn't waste my money


I order one even I knew it about the extra charges for it. I just order the oven and I found it on the internet a free shipping for the first one only. then I paid extra $40.00 for the second one, so the total was 146.00 that included a $7.00 tax.

For that price of two of them it is a good buy.

I look on Internet for something like that and with the futures that it has, would cost $200.00 just for one only. So I took a risk

All other stuff is a scam for something that should be free it's not. The Big extra Shipping charge come on. $70,00? for something that it will cost them $15.00.


:( I ordered my PIC for a early Fathers day gift..STILL waiting on the ” free” gifts that I spent $100 for!!

Don't advertise free gifts if they arnt available!!!

Customer service is a joke, they are rude!!The girl we ordered from sacred like we were an inconvience & hung up on us!!

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