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NuWavePIC.com advertises 2 units for a low price of $99 with "free" gifts of cookware plus shipping costs, but does not tell you what the shipping costs are.They wait to give you this information until after you've placed your order and given them your credit card information.

It turns out that the actual cost including the shipping costs for the two units and the "free" cookware gifts are $99 + $29.99 (S/H for the first unit) + $39.99 (S/H for the 2nd unit) + $69.99 (S/H for the "free" cookware).

So the $99 deal ends up costing $249!Not exactly the deal that is advertised!!!

Review about: Nuwave Oven Oven.


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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1210381

I ordered the Nuwave Pic and they said I would get another unit free.I received my order for $179.00 since I had ordered some extra pots and pans to go with it.

I did NOT receive 2 as I was told I would. I called them and they immediately sent me the other one.

The next week I received another complete $179 set. I called them to say I did NOT order two complete sets.

Now they say they will have to try and figure out what happened and it will take them about 5 days to do this!In the mean time I am out $360.00 and have no idea when I receive the other $179 back into my checking account!

I like the Nuwave Pic but anyone going to buy it be VERY, VERY careful or you will be over charged

Inola, Oklahoma, United States #953787

*** i really like mine,



Buy at Walmart. Got mine for 99+tax. Cooktop + free cookware.

If its that big of a deal, get off your butts and go get one to save shipping.

I travel 300 days a year with mine. Great for hotel rooms. Save a ton of $$ on food

Shipping costs money. If you don't want to pay it, find a brick and mortar retailer.

I love mine.

No complaints.In fact, I've lost 30lbs since cooking my own food in hotels rather than eating out all the time.

San Antonio, Texas, United States #697948

Thank you everyone for your comments. Almost ordered before checking out this website, will now look at other induction cooktops on Amazon.


I went back through the reviews and found out this information that I copied and am reposting below. All reviewers with negative experience or who need a new dome may want to contact this person, as one reviewer was pleased with their/her response and received a new dome.



May 21

from Libertyville, Illinois

Hello, my name is Alice and I am the Social Media Coordinator for Hearthware, producers of the NuWave Oven. I’m sorry to learn about your NuWave Dome. We understand your disappointment and are aware the inconvenience this must have caused you.

Our products are engineered for security and peace of mind. For example, the NuWave Oven Pro is engineered to meet an average lifespan of 13-15 years. However, we will be sure to bring your feedback to our engineering team. A couple tips I can offer would be to return your dome to the base after you remove your food instead of leaving it on the dome holder while it is hot and always wash the dome after each use, since any grease on the dome from prior use will get extremely hot when reheated.

The NuWave Oven Pro comes with a 1-year warranty and an optional additional 2-year warranty. We also carry the new Power Dome, which is built to withstand extreme temperatures and is so strong that it’s backed by a 3-year warranty.

If there is anything I can do to help, please contact me directly at facebook@hearthware.com I’m glad to help.

You can also contact our customer service department at 888.742.2665 M-F 7am to 10pm CST

Fort Myers, Florida, United States #651318

Beware!!!The Nuwave pic ad or website does not mention the need for special magnetic cookware.

So all of my expensive stainless steel copper bottom cookware is useless for these products and I am NOT going to pay $70 dollars "shipping" for the Free gift of 2 skillets and a pot I can purchase otherwise for less than $50.I orderd the 2 cooktops only so now the $29 and $39 charges (which they came in the same box) is forfeit.This is SUCH A RIPOFF!!!


You can buy a cheaper set of induction ready cookware at wal-mart, target, sears,k-mart.

They are not nuwave but they are induction ready

Fairport, New York, United States #588923

I have two unit myself and have given two more as gifts.The dome keeps splitting and cracking.

I have tried several times to get them to contact me about it and they have done nothing.

I like the product but the domes are an obvious issue and they are ignoring loyal customers.

San Diego, California, United States #564545

Thank you all for exposing this TV advertisement.I'm surprised that Bob Warden is in this ad as he works at QVC.

I don't trust these paid programming ads at all unless the item seems to be really good, BUT I always search for reviews and your input has saved me the frustration and expense of dealing with the "fine print" which they do not give you on the TV.I'll check out Amazon for a more honest purchase.


I was thinking of ordering me one along with making this a Christmas gift for my mother & sister.This have save me not only money but time.

I only order things online now to avoid the hassle of hearing the customer service reps talk to much & trying to get you to buy extra items you didn't ask for.Thank you all for the feedback.

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