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purchase a nuwave oven in less than one year the dome like all other complaints i have read has cracked. had i known about the DEFFECT in this product i never would have purchase one .not only that i would tell anyone thinking about purchasing this product not to buy one ,

when i checked the company website the dome i wanted was out of stock,they sell the dome for 25.00, i believe i should have been given a credit for 25.00 for the failed dome.applied to the upgrade the operator was trying to sell me.

or the fact that the company was out of stock of the defective replacement part,and not knowing when another dome like the one i had would be in stock,offered the upgrade for free to build good costumer service ,

my question to this company is why are you still selling this defective product.knowing the product has a major defect..

i also think there should be a class action taking against this company

Product or Service Mentioned: Nuwave Oven Oven.

Monetary Loss: $45.

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I am from the UK. I too have had the same problem.

Not once but twice. I made a complaint and was given the number of a lady to ring. IN NEW YORK. So I made the long distance call, no reply.

I spoke to customer services who said all they could do was lower the cost of a replacement dome (from $49.95 to $24.95) but I would still have to pay shipping costs of.... GET THIS...... $90

I mean WTF, disgusting. As far as I am concerned they should be replacing the domes for FREE as they DO KNOW about the MANUFACTURING problem, and also paying the *** postage.

What a rip off.

I will never recommend them to anyone. I have warned all my friends and family to avoid like the plague.

Detroit, Michigan, United States #919939

PLEASE PLEASE!!! Everyone that has had this problem or is having this problem with the nuwave oven, PLEASE complain, complain, complain, that is the only way we can get help, if the COMPANY donot know that there is a problem from the consumers, then nothing would be done about it, so again pease complain if you are having problems!

Detroit, Michigan, United States #919935

They should have a recall on the nuwave oven until they come up with a solution or reimburse our money.

Memphis, Tennessee, United States #898274

I agree that there should be something done about this, why should we have to replace the dome and they knew it wasn't going to last that long. The product is defective and action should be taken.

Providence, Rhode Island, United States #764988

yes I hav this same problem not happy about paying 4 a new dome :cry

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