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Cooking time

How much time will it take to cook a 15 pound turkey in Nuwave?


nuwave parts

where can I purchase a heating element for a nuwave pro model 20301


Burning on one side

Is it normal for the food to burn on one part of the top?


amount of order

my order # 144644 i have no idea what i owe or exactly what i ordered.


I don't get it...i thought you would have answered me by now??? My order

# 144644.

I have no idea the amount of my order. I would like to know?


brand new nuwave precision 2 I Plug It In And Set The Temp And All I Get Is A E1. what Is That?



I have been using me Nuwave Pro Plus for about 2 weeks. AMAZING !!!

My question is this, when I take the dome off and put it in the holder. Hot water drips out of the handle and burns my hand.

The Motörhead appears to be secure enough, any suggestions on what I should do ? Julee


How many amps does the nuwave cooktop draw


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