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    • Defective power dome 21
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The nuwave company needs to work on the dome . You only use it far a few months and the dome cracks! Cost to much to keep buying domes. Read more

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i bought 2 nuwaves about 2 years ago and they burned out quickly but did last the 2 years so i bought the buy one over get one free bonus deal about 6 months ago tried to use them today and they are not working i bought them for a food ministry at my church and we used them every month and i would like to know what information you want and how do i get replacements for them since they did not last as long as i was told they would we have no... Read more

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Same problems here. Just got two new NuWave Ovens. New domes are smaller and they no longer include the two inch rack for dual level cooking they formerly touted. Hope the new dome lasts longer. They have a one year top to bottom warranty and should replace all domes that crack in less than one year. Everyone with concerns needs to contact the Federal Trade Commission, The Consumer Products Safety Commission and the Underwriters... Read more

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I have the same complaint as everyone else seems to have. Used my oven on a few occasions, cooked a turkey once and used it to cook steadks now and then. Just about a year and a half after purchase, the dome cracked, i taped it with postal tape and continued using it for about 2 more months until it was no longer usable. I loved the way it cooked, but there was absolutely no value to this appliance on a per meal cost of use. I think a class... Read more

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Stored my oven for a few months and now it won't even come on. I'm very disappointed. I didn't use it too much to begin with now I'm just out about $60.00 Read more

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Nuwave Oven - Defective NuWave Domes (clear domes)
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NuWave generally sells their ovens with the clear dome that, with regular use, cracks and or self-destructs within 6 months to a year. The cost to replace the dome on the website is about $55.00 and another $14.00 or so in shipping and handling. That is very close to the purchase price of a single oven and more than 50% of the BOGO offer of two ovens less shipping and handling of $29.95 per oven. I have had 5 of the NuWave ovens and all domes... Read more

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Bought the oven about 5 yesrs ago. I had cracks in the large clear dome so bought a replacement. Thst too got cracks. I called the service department to ask if I had done something wrong. No it was the dome and now they had a smsller height, amber colored one. It seems to be working fine. My only complaint is I have to use the extender ring to have it high enough with the 4"high ring which I use all the time. Not a big inconvienience. I use... Read more

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My plastic dome cracked in two places yesterday. Can i buy a new one. My power dome electric top is white. Can you assist me? Read more

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Dome cracked how do i get another Read more

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Tried to charge me for items they didnt deliver,i had all the paperwork and they told me i was wrong,they threatened me with collections,mob tactics! Evenwhen i gave them the order number and codes they told me i need to send pics of items and papers,i have bank records of payments and they still say i owe,maybe they have wells fargo aps Read more

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