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i ordered a newave and cancelled it in less then 24 hrs. they said it was cancelled.

the guy gave me his name and said there would be no problem, nothing would taken out of my account.

3 days later they had taken 168.00 out of my account. charged me 68.00 for s&h. the box came anyway

so i told them to send it back. the nuwave runs off batteries, i didnt know this, i was under the impression i

would recieve pots and pans with it free. well i didnt!! the box they sent was very small, no way did it cost 69.00 to send that box, i have sent bigger boxes for a lot less. i called and they would not give me back all my money, so i turned it over to my bank, and what ever they decide i will abide, but i was taught a big lession, don't believe these people that sales stuff on tv, if it sounds to good to be true , believe me it is!!!!

this item is the NEWAVE.

Review about: Nuwave Oven Oven.

Monetary Loss: $169.

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Plano, Texas, United States #578742

for one thing get the name of your product right, the nuwave oven does not run on batteries, it is electric, had a plug, and if you people would pay attention, it says, extra shipping and handling for extra stuff, its right there on the commercial,dont order if you dont want to pay, there is no spam, just *** people that dont listen, you think you are getting something for nothing, so you jump on it, nothing is free

Just dont knock something that you dont know about, i dont know what the nuwave pic has, BUT THE NUWAVE OVEN DOES NOT RUN ON BATTERIES

mad mad mad
Jacksonville, North Carolina, United States #565775

yea, i know. i got a letter from "jeremy" and he said he would help me, yea right!!!!

Buffalo, New York, United States #565039

Oh I love the way someone claiming to represent hearthware tries to make it look like they will fix the problem. They are like a pack of ravenous wolves when you try to contact them and only pretend to care when their reputation is tarnished or when you are forced to go through alternate means to resolve the problem and you win. Then (and only then) do they "pretend" to try to be the nice guy. Too late for me - I'm not fooled!

BTW Mr. I'll send you an email. Doubt it'll do any good. Then I'll be back to post the results here and how long it took and if my situation gets resolved or not.

I had to contact customer service twice, once in January about an oven that never arrived (it was never sent in the 1st place and eventually I was given my money back - after they collected the interest for several months) and again today (November). Now I have an oven with a cracked dome that they are refusing to pay for because they claim it is the oven they reimbursed me back for and not the one that arrived in April. Both calls the representatives were rude and constantly interrupted me while I was trying to explain my position also refusing to allow me to speak with a manager. Today I was hung up on. I will never deal with these incompetent idiots again. What a way to treat your "valuable" customers. And to think, I was considering buying at least 3 more ovens for Christmas gifts this year. SO they saved their $15 *** dome and lost the...

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to Anonymous Buffalo, New York, United States #565678

I emailed the great Jeremy below (along with several other "contact me" emails I found) and I have heard ABSOLUTELY NOTHING YET!BTW- The woman who gave her name as Julie on the phone also promised to email me on this problem and (WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED?) I still havent heard a word from her either.

Maybe she hurt her finger when she slammed the phone down in my ear. When I called back again, as soon as they realized it was me again, I was conveniently placed on hold for 47 minutes at which time I was again conveniently disconnected. What a great customer relations department this is.

So I warn you - think twice about trying to deal with these idiots - they do NOT give a care about you.

I will again email this reply to our good buddy Jeremy.Anyone taking bets as to how long it will be ignored this time?

to Follow up #1 - bad news Buffalo, New York, United States #578651

Looks like "Jeremy" is only a farce - just like Hearthware. Didn't think there was ever any intention of "HELPING TO FIX THE PROBLEM". It was only another deception to make you wanna believe that Hearthware really does care. BAH! HUMBUG!

Well it is now exactly 1 month later and (as expected) I have heard NOTHING from Jeremy or anyone else from the great hearthware family regarding my problem. I tried emailing Jeremy directly at the address below and also FORWARDED a copy of all emails to the email address of the main office.

I have emailed them every day the first 5 days with no response and then weekly - 9 times total so far and never heard a word on return. I left them my name, snail mail address, phone numbers, email and even my "smoke signal address" all to no avail. I contacted them through the phone line (to no avail), through email (above) again to no avail and I also written to them snail mail twice (also with no response.

So that is the way that their company treats its customers.

BTW - I did contact my credit card company, the Better Business Bureau and also the Attorney Generals office about the problem. The BBB just let me file a complaint, The AG wrote them several times and told me there was only one response from Hearthware. But my credit card company filed a complaint with Hearthware and after get no response from them, promptly refunded my money back for the problem item.

I am now the proud owner of a...

I'll never be bothered with Hearthware again.

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Hearthware Jeremy

Hello, my name is Jeremy.I am the Social Media Coordinator for Hearthware, the makers of the NuWave Oven and NuWave PIC.

I'm terribly sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience. Please send me an email with your order information, as well as the information provided above.

I will have our customer service managers look into this situation for you and pass along any updates they receive.You can email me at

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