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I bought the nuwave oven after having a similar product.

It doesnt perform like they show you on TV, you have to flip the meat you are cooking for it to cook on both sides, if you are cooking multiple items like boneless breaded pork chops, the one's in the middle of the rack brown but the chops on the edge do not, plus the dome doesnt lock in place, had it turn and almost fall off once when I was lifting it to cool off. Now it does cook fast and after doing the flipping you do have things cooked quicker just not evenly.

Reason of review: Does cook fast.

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Dear Nuwave Customer,Thank you for your review.Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We are always more than willing to lend a listening ear to any experiences, as well as address and assist with any concern a customer has in regards to their product.If you need any assistance or have any further questions or concerns please contact Arturo H directly at 224-206-3045 or email him at Arturo.h@nuwavenow.com.Sincerely,Jessica CCustomer Service Representative

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