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Please DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!! Everything they promised to you about those 90 days to try the product and then returned is a SCAM!!!!

The return process is a lie nobody answer your calls, you always have to talk with a machine, nobody calls you back when you leave a message like they say and nobody answer your emails or nothing... I need to return this product and Im still waiting for the return authorization number!!! SO DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE ADVERTISEMENT OF THIS PRODUCT, EVERYTHING IS A LIE!!!...

You will never be able to return it if you do not like it... ITS A SCAM!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Nuwave Oven Oven.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Cannot believe the return policy for NuWave. Doesn't say much for the company or their products.

I just bought the bruhub coffeemaker. What a huge disappointment. It is not well designed, it is not easy to use, the coffee doesn't taste the same from the first cup to the second.

I have to admit, I did not read the return policy as I never expected that a return had to be in an unopened box. Makes me wonder who wrote all of those great reviews?!


I am also very upset with this return policy I am taking it up with the better buisness bureau and next I will go through a lawyer I don't care how much it cost when I win this case for false advertisement I hope they get sued sincerely mad customer!!!


I am trying to return my nuwave and have made MANY return calls. I just tried to email but who knows if I will get a response this way.

Shipping and handling for the oven was a ridiculous 81.75.

What a rip off. Don't buy a nuwave, it's not worth the hassle to try and return.


I am having the same problem. I can't get through to a real person for a return auth #.

I have been trying for weeks.

I am returning the product due to the awful burning plastic smell it emits when cooking with it. I'm with you, I think the 90 day return policy is a scam.


I’m having same problem. They answer real fast when you purchase but can’t talk to a real person to return.

HORRIBLE customer service. On a fixed income $220.00 is a lot to be out. But the shipping is almost as much as the product. What a scam How sad.

And I have tried for weeks to contact a real person. Did call the ordering dept.

got a real person right away but he could or would not help me. Guess I’m screwed.