I have the NuWave oven for over a year and use it a lot. Am surprised at all the negative comments.

I make great roast chicken, salmon, pork, meat, bacon and pizza. I suspect that some complainers may not know how to cook or use the oven improperly. It is simple and easy and the food is always delicious. Maybe there are hoax companies out there.

I bought mine a Bed Bath and Beyond so perhaps avoid any email stores. It is safe, easy to clean and store.

I am baffled by the negative comments. So, reconsider the sources and give it a try.

Review about: Nuwave Oven Oven.

Monetary Loss: $139.

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:grin Only silly people buy that oven online pay S& H and get the worst customer service ,its always better to buy from a good reputation store


Nu wave is a scam is a lie, raw inside and cooked outside, so doesn't work from inside out you need to use double the time to cook


Wow, all the complainer's can't even spell.. LOL, which leads me to believe that they are kids or just adults with NO computer skills at all.

I just got a NuWave, and I love it, I threw away my clunker microwave.

Why post bad reviews if you can't bother to SPELL CHECK. :? :? :? :? :? :?


three years use,grate oven


I agree,,, /i absolutely love my nuwave, as thay say garbage in garbage out, try following directions and you shouldn't have any problems, nuwave rocks... :grin


To Gina: on 10/03/11, please... no personally related people on "Pissed Off" site.

You got your on place if you can find it for all of us that don't get paid to comment here. None of us are ***. We can all follow directions, when they are properly written.

I have been cooking on all types of ovens over 40 years. This is by far the worse appliances I have ever used.


To QueenBee: I am pretty sure you were paid to say that or you work for them. Who knows you may be related.

I have to agree with them all.

And come on, S/H was as much as the product but they never would tell me what it was untill I rec'd the papers with the 2 waves I bought. Even George Forman was not this bad.


One basic rule... If you love your new toy..

The LAST thing you do is go on Pissed off consumers . com to brag about it.

They should not allow people affiliated with the company on these sites. It really screws up the integrity of the site.


I am so sorry that some of you have problems with this oven. I just bought my second one (cooked the other one to death) I cook so many things in it that I can't list them all.

BUT it makes great air-fried chicken. My 14 year old doesn't like chicken unless it is fried --He loved the air fried chicken from the NuWave.


Bought a Nuwave and followed the directions on cooking a roast. It was almost burnt on the outside & the inside was raw, blood was in the pan when I cut into it!

thou the outside was almost burt, I still had 20 more minutes to cook it and it was already dry as a desert! I am thinking they should have lowed the cooking range from 8 to maybe 6...cooking it slower. If I do that then I should use my crock pot.

My 1st attemt of following the directions & the outcome is NOT good at this point. Very disappointed!


Sorry, NuWave Oven Shill ... have to go with the majority on this one.

Received one as a gift 9 months ago.

Went in the trash 6 weeks later. It's garbage!

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