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I wish I would of read these comments before buying the nuwave rip off! They give you the run around if you try to return it.

I returned it last month and they are still charging me. I am so *** for falling into buying through tv commercials. Please if you are reading this don't fall for this appliance. It does't heat the way they say you have to be stopping it and turning the food to heat it.

Its awfull. The food comes out dry disgusting! Beware of this bad product. If you want to return it they dont even give you half of what you spend.

There are no free products! They charge you for everything!

Review about: Nuwave Oven Oven.

Monetary Loss: $353.

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I have been using my mothers NuWave and absolutely love it. I finally ordered myself one online and can't wait for it to come.

I hope it works just as good as my mothers (same machine so cant imagine why it wouldnt).

Food is so moist and even when reheating the meat still is moist. I love it!


:) i ment i like this oven it sounds like a good one u know


idont think its a awesome oven for the fact we have never had it before :) u know.


I recently purchased this product and it worked great for about a week, then the power head kept reseting when the start button was pressed to begin cooking. I emailed customer service and got a response the same day. I called the customer service center and explained the issue. They were more than happy to send out a new one with a return slip to ship the defective one back.

I couldn't be more happy with their customer service.

If you want to return it, remember that you only get the amount of the machine, not the S/H amount, which I admit is extremely high for the "free" items.


I am sorry you feel you have a bad experience.

My husband is a Chef - and we love this product and have had it since Spring 2010.

We have had to return the powerhead and had NO problems. I have always found their customer service police, knowledge and FAST.

I buy this appliance for gifts and will continue to do so.

It is NOT a rip off. In fact, I believe it exceeds our expectations. If anyone should be picky - it would be my husband who is a chef (for work).


I personally have this product and I recommend it to everyone I know. It makes everything very moist even when cooking food that is FROZEN SOLID and reheating food makes it taste like you just cooked it.

I have no idea what you did wrong to get such bad results. It cooks everything way faster so you have to adjust your cooking time and it only requires that HALF way through you flip it over for even cooking. Seriously how hard is that?

Sounds like you got your commercials's not the set it and forget it RonCo commercial :grin

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