i received the nu-wave as a gift and while it has a few good qualities to it, those qualities mean nothing when the plastic cover is cracked all to pieces.

My friend wasted there money on this item and now I'm stuck back with my old toaster oven.

I also had problems with the heater and the plastic dome falling off whenever i need to remove my food. If i was the one who had purchased this item i would be reporting it to the better business bureau.

I can't believe there are only 20 complaints and so many rave reviews. I think it sucks.

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:) I followed instructions to the T and have never had any trouble with mine! I have been using it every day for the last 6 months and it has performed as advertised!

I especially like whole turkeys and chickens, prepared in the nu-wave the meat is juicy and full of flavor!!!



we followed all instructions and our plastic ring cracks while roasting a small chicken.

our friend had the same experience.

now the problem to get a new ring here in Manila :upset


What is the ration from Good Results versus Bad Results???



@ Thunder Dome it ain't, if did your research on the NuWave Oven, it is actually approved by the Better Business Bureau.I would look into reading your directions or maybe watching your instructional DVD because whatever problems you're having seems more like carelessness or you just aren't doing things right.

Better luck in the future!

The NuWave Oevn is ht BEST product yet invented!Keep up the GREAT work Hearthware!


When you open the dome and power head is the power head turned all the way?If it is not turned all the way clockwise and not locked into place it could come off.

I know the flavorwave does not have that locking device on their product but the NuWave does.

How long ago was the oven purchased?You might be able to contact customer service for help.

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