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I have had my NuWave Oven and PIC for about a year. They are our main source of cooking, over the stove and oven that are now additional counter space. Within the first month I had noticed one of the oven pans had bubbles o. The bottom that had started to peel. I contacted customer service via phone and was told they would send out a new one right away. I received an E-mail notifying me of shipment.

I received the oven pan very shortly after that.

Before you call to order, be sure you understand what you are ordering and what you are being charged. The person taking your order should repeat the order back to you. If you do not hear the parts you thought you would receive, ask! About them and if they are included in the price you are paying or there is an additional charge.

To request payment for shipping is not unreasonable. You ARE receiving the additional items free. You ARE NOT being charged for them. You are being charged the shipping fee. For items of their weight, this is a reasonable request. Would you send out a package to your customer (times the number of customers wanting the free item) at your expense? I don't think so.

If my children had the counter space, I would be buying the BOGO offer! I love my NuWave oven and PIC. My kitchen doesn't get heated up and the cooking time is cut down....not to mention ease of cleani g.

I recently discivered I had a stock pot that can be used on the PIC...the symbol is on the bottom of the pot! Hurray! If I had more counter space, ( would also purchase more PIC's for when we need more than one burner at a time!

Educate yourself on just what you are buying and paying for before you call....it really is not that difficult. You DO receive free items but you really should not expect the company to pay for shipping. Write down what you are ordering and what you are payning for.

In regards to the call issues and response time....the Company did not anticipate the enormous response for their wonderful products, but as quickly as possible, they resolved the issue!

Satisfied customer,

Karen in Fargo

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I find it interesting that such a satisfied customer is on this website? H ow long have you or your family who does not even have space for.this oven worked for the company

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