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Five months ago I replaced my Dome they sent me an refurbished dome and base tray because mind cracked. I've had this product for over three yr's and had no complaints in fact I've would have love to have been your spoke person for this product that's how satisfied I was, and telling everyone about it.

Know my heating element not working (coil)what happen to the ordering dept for parts can't find it anywhere now, why do u want an satisfied customer to purchase the whole unit again? when all I need is a simple part......

not a happy customer, maybe I should be telling more people whats going on on post this all over face book or something, not fair!!!! Dee

Review about: Nuwave Oven Oven.

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The NuWave is really worth less than half of what it charged for it, the parts are thin and very cheaply made. Dont get me wrong because if the over was made with quality parts it would be worth every dime but its not!

My Dome cracked while I was washing it and when I tried to get it replaced, I was question like a child for almost 30 min's about if I cared correctly for it before it broke but no replacement dome unless I bought a new one ?

So now I saw Hearthware, Mutha Had You Mutha Fugg u ! If I have to send another dime it will be for the one from sharper image, which has a glass dome !


I have to replace my dome, so I called to order number and she gave me the number to customer service: 888-689-2831 M-F 8am - 6pm CST


ive tried every site i can, finally emailed usa, still waiting for a reply, will let you know


i also need a part for my new wave;i have adigital one and it wont engage -the element is good-i just cant program it any more-parts please!!!

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