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CC: Lets see how long it takes for them to delete this.I have been trying to order this product all weekend but have had no success online or with customer service reps.

I don't understand why. I would think that you would want the sale. I will not down talk this product but I will down talk the reps. I should not have to speak to 6 reps to place an order and still have nothing accomplished.

This is really ticking me off. No I will not recommend at this time due to a bad customer service experience. If I can't even get decent service then how can I trust that I am getting a decent product.

There is not one bad comment on here which tells me that they are weeding out the negative ones.I will post this online somewhere else too just in case.

Review about: Nuwave Oven Oven.


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Hi dswell,

There are other compliants on this site about NuWave customer service. I posted a complaint on 5 Dec titled:


Check it out...

I had one comment and it was from a NuWave social media rep.

Too bad I still haven't received the merchandise I paid for nor received a refund yet. I'm out $176 and could be using that to buy gifts right now :sigh

Good luck to you,



There are a few compaints here about the NuWave oven itself. Not sure about the sales reps. And no...your complaint will not be deleted.

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